American Standard Freedom 90 Gas Furnace

american standard freedom 90 gas furnaceWhen fuel efficiency is a vital part of your budgeting plan the American Standard Freedom 90 Gas Furnaces are definitely worth a look. They are built to last for decades while keeping fuel consumption low every day with a very good 92energy efficiency rating.

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Overall Rating44444
Reliability Rating4.
Operating Cost Rating3.753.753.753.753.75
Features & Value4.
Warranty & Support4.

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13 Responses to “American Standard Freedom 90 Gas Furnace”
  1. Jeff says:

    we had this am-standard furnace installed in July 08 and it has been as reliable as ever! It was a little pricey compared to some of the other heat systems we looked at… but the contractor sold us!

    • Mark says:

      Thanks for the review Jeff! Thanks for the feedback about the Contractor being a selling point also, its often discounted! Contractor choice is very important!


      • Mark says:

        The right contractor makes the world of difference, just had AS freedom 95 put in with new AC unit this past August, my mom had both put in her home 2 years ago. They save you so much
        Money. Your choice in contractor is the most important choice in the process, the best contractor can put any system in and it will last for years. Contractor that don’t know what they are doing, can make the best unit available a pile of junk. So take your time and find someone you can trust!

  2. Lajoy says:

    we have a freedom 90 furnace in our house and its been wonderful for the last 3 years. it was here when we bought the home, so idk how much it cost when it was put in. is there a way for me to know how old it is? we wonder if we have to replace it soon and dont know how old it is. thanks lajoy.

    • Mark says:

      @ Lajoy – I may be wrong about this, but I think you can look at the serial number and find the date code. Look here for a little help on it.


  3. Ray says:

    I give our American Standard Freedom 90, 5 stars. Ours has stopped working twice since 2003, both times it was my fault. I have not had our furnace serviced annually like the owners manual recommends. Both times the cause was due to dirty burners, which is actually an uncomplicated maintainence proceedure that takes about 1 hour for a trained professional. I have replaced the permanent air filter with high efficiency throw-away filters as I have asthma, which I replace at 60 day intervals. If our present furnace ever requires replacement it will likely be a new version of the same furnace.

    • Mark says:

      @ Ray – Great info about the maintenance aspect, as well as the need to watch the permanent filters for allergy sufferers! American Standard makes GREAT products, so your choice to keep with is probably a good one!


  4. Ken Nowicki says:

    Had installed in new house, 5 months old, haven’t had it long enough to rate features and operating cost BUT this thing is LOUD! Woke me up this morning at 4 when it kicked in . I cant believe this is acceptable.Would gladly trade it for a lower efficient quiet furnace.

  5. S Thompson says:

    Recently bought a house 2011 with an Am Std Freedom 90 furnace w/central air. Model TXC031C4HPB1 and SN N131JBB5G Mfr 3/98. There is nok manual. American Std website provides no help to owners. When trying to contact them with their email form, they do not identify the Model or SN resulting in not getting through to them. i don’t want a salesman to call. I’m not interested in replacing the furnace. From all observations, it runs great. All I want is a manual so that I can better understand how to clean the furnace filter.

    How can I find a manual for this furnace? it’s a real shame Am Std doesn’t support their products better than what I’ve experienced!

    • Mark says:

      @ S Thompson – If you can contact an American Standard service company or new equipment dealer in your area, they will have access to the American Standard Dealer Net, which has all the manuals and information.

    • Don says:

      This reply is to S. Thompson. The model # you listed is for the Acoil, not the furnace. That # is inside the upper door on the left. There also should be a PDF file thaty you can get from American Standard. I am a American Standard dealer. Good luck!

  6. Miriyam Gevirtz says:

    Terrible. Don’t buy it. $5000 wasted. It apparently is factory miswired. It doesn’t heat properly, doesn’t shut off.

  7. Mike Kaminski says:

    We’ve had the furnace going onto our 5th winter now. No major problems for the first few years. Just some condensation leaks. It is not nearly as quiet as I had hoped. I still wake up, especially when it kicks into its higher speed stage. We have had the glo plug replaced once already. Have had issues with the flame shutting off after 3 seconds. This has been sporadic for last couple of years. Never happens when the HVAC guy comes though. I heard it may be a sensor – will see if I can clean it before calling in the hvac guy again. I miss the old furnaces that weren’t so complicated and easy to fix. Don’t know if I would recommend it – previous house had a Lennox – no issues in over 10 years.