Bryant Evolution Gas Furnace Review

bryant evolution gas furnaceEnergy conscious consumers gravitate to the Bryant Evolution Gas Furnaces because they are among the most fuel efficient on the market and help you save on energy costs every day of the heating season.

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Overall Rating2.572.572.572.572.57
Reliability Rating33333
Operating Cost Rating2.862.862.862.862.86
Features & Value3.
Warranty & Support3.333.333.333.333.33

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8 Responses to “Bryant Evolution Gas Furnace Review”
  1. Mark says:

    We have 2 evolution furnaces in our home and not too thrilled with them.

  2. Sharon says:

    Way too expensive! We really could have gotten the same thing without so much expense, but our units were being replaced by insurance – so we really didn’t care too much. We have had a few problems, but for the most part, Bryant service has been good and everything runs great now.

    I would suggest you do a lot of comparisons before purchasing because we didn’t have time to do so!

  3. JACK SMITH says:

    I have installed the bryant evolution systems in two homes and in my business. All three have been problems resulting in continued service issues. The units shut down without warning leaving each location subject to freezing and monumental water damage concerns. They have replaced “at my expense” modules, switches, boards etc. Etc. And within the past 30 days both units in my homes have shut down leaving them subject to sub-freezing temperatures.

    To avoid freezing problems i am forced to drive to our lake home or main home several times a week during the winter. Bryant has referred me to our dealer and so far nothing at all has been done to rectify these continuing issues. Do not buy bryant or carrier evolution systems. They are mfg. On the same production lines and after beeing a guinea pig for three systems (total of about $30,000) i am 99.9against their cheap, faulty systems!!

    Jack smith 2/11/2011

  4. Ellen Novelli says:

    We have had an Evolution system in our new home since Dec. 2007. Beginning in Feb. 2008 the system goes into Malfunction mode and shuts off filling the house with a burning metal smell. Bryant has been out a number of times, and have been very responsive, but can never figure out what is causing the problem. They try different things and then it happens again. Most recently over the last two weeks it has shut off no less than 8 times and now 2 times since the technician was out last week and did some stuff with the duct work. I have never had so many problems with a heating system.

  5. Mitch says:

    I have been installing these units for more then 10 years with no major problems in the equipment. All manufactures have glitches or bad parts from the manufactures that they use, that is a given.
    BUT……. If ANY EQUIPMENT is installed by a sub-standard company (ie. no load calc, no house evaluation, no duct evaluation, ext..) YOU WILL HAVE PROBLEMS WITH ANY EQUIPMENT!!!!!!!!!.
    DO NOT take the “low bid”, there is a reason that they are the lowest price, and it is not because they are good people, it is because they are cutting corners and giving you a below standard completed product.
    It is really buyer be ware when you are buying a custom product like a heating system.

  6. Frank Decker says:

    Won’t work on “comfort” settings.

  7. Mark says:

    Another great reason to be sure you should always hire a professional hvac contractor to do your installation.

    Thanks for your feedback Mark

  8. Mark Rioux says:

    I really pains me to hear so many people having problems with their Bryant Evolution or Carrier Infinity furnaces. I am a Bryant Dealer in Syracuse NY and I install these products for everyone who cares to listen and understand the benefits of owning such quality equipment. It really boils right down to your installer/company who is doing the work for you. A properly sized duct system and furnace using the Manual J method, along with a knowlegeable company will provide years of trouble free and comfortable and economical operation.

    I have intalled many of these units in customers homes, as well as 2 of my own which were both zoned as well. Absolutley no issue’s at all. Proper set up of zone controller is a must along with proper dip switch setting for minimum airflow on the furnace logic board are essential.

    I have to agree with Mitch on the above post that it is essential that no corners are cut. I would put the Bryant and Carrier product up against any other piece of equipment on the market today, hands down. I can buy anything I want for my own use and of course save money for myself as I am the dealer, but I choose this one. Quality is far above that of the builders models commonly installed, just so the dealer can get a sale. Sure, he makes money on either, but it takes no more labor to install if the load calculations are done, and all else is equal.

    Just started my own unit at home last night as the new house had electric baseboard heaters… God I love it. Smooth as glass and silent as a mouse.

    The spring will come and the 20 Seer Evolution will fire up too. 3 firing rates on the furnace, 2 on the condensor. Wonderful trouble free equipment when properly installed.

    Good luck to all, and just find a quality contractor.