Bryant Legacy Gas Furnace Review

bryant legacy gas furnaceIf you want a solid, durable furnace from an industry leader, the Bryant Legacy Gas Furnaces will serve the purpose. With best selling models that include the Legacy Line 95 359AAV mentioned above as well as the Legacy Line Plus 90 and the Legacy Line Plus 80 from Bryant.

User Ratings for this Gas Furnace

Overall Rating3.673.673.673.673.67
Reliability Rating3.673.673.673.673.67
Operating Cost Rating3.673.673.673.673.67
Features & Value44444
Warranty & Support55555

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3 Responses to “Bryant Legacy Gas Furnace Review”
  1. jack says:

    we have 2 of these bryant legacy furnaces installed, one for upstairs and one for down. Sine 2004, we have only had a few small problems with them, but every time it has been covered by warranty.

    Aside from the frequency of breakdowns (At least one furnace breaks every year) we are happy.

    Also, we switched to a different annual maintenance company this year to see if it makes a difference.

    Jack – Memphis

  2. Steve says:

    I have one of these Bryan legacy furnaces in my attic and aside from being a bit noisy, its been great!

  3. Burns says:

    we have had a legacy gas furnace in our home for the past 11 years and it has done very well. we are replacing it with a high efficiency gas furnace, but going with trane this time.