Coleman Echelon Gas Furnace Reviews

coleman echelon gas furnaceFor affordability the CPLC is tough to beat. It offers a good 80fuel efficiency that won’t waste your energy dollar. The CP9C leads the industry with a whopping 98fuel efficiency that that save you money every day of the heating season.

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Overall Rating44444
Reliability Rating44444
Operating Cost Rating3.
Features & Value4.
Warranty & Support3.

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3 Responses to “Coleman Echelon Gas Furnace Reviews”
  1. Thomas says:

    After doing a lot of research, we ended up having the Echelon installed in our home. I always thought of Coleman as a company with only camping equipment, but with such a high efficiency rating we decided to go with it. While we have been fairly happy about the system, we haven’t noticed that much of a drop in operating costs versus the 25 yr old system we had before.

    We had a few issues after installation and the company we used were not very proactive. When I finally talked to Coleman directly, they were able to fix things, but I’m still not sure I would go with them again!

    • Ron Carter says:

      Sadly, Thomas, your HVAC contractor is responsible for the way the unit is installed, and the installation has a lot to do with whether the unit saves money or not. Also, I didn’t notice if you had the complete Echelon AC and Furnace installation done in your home.

      You do have the option of having an 80or 97.5efficiency furnace installed with the Coleman. I have a hard to believing that you didn’t save money if you had a 97.5furnace installed. If you had the AC installed also, then someone did something wrong if you’re not realizing at least a 20savings on your electric bill while cooling.

      If you had an 80furnace installed, it’s the same efficiency as the one you had before, so you wouldn’t see much of a difference in operating costs.

  2. Desiree says:

    Had this put in last year. We really notice the temperatures are more even in our home. It is also much quieter than the old heater. We used to have to turn up the TV every time the old heater came on but we hardly even notice when the new is on. We have had no problems so far.