RUUD Achiever Plus Gas Furnace Review

Ruud makes a versatile line of quality gas furnaces that give you a choice of features to meet the heating demands of your lifestyle. The RUUD Achiever Plus Gas Furnaces take those options to the next level for maximum climate control throughout your home.

In this Gas Furnace Review, we want you to tell us your Review of the RUUD Achiever Plus Gas Furnace.

User Ratings for this Gas Furnace

Overall Rating33333
Reliability Rating22222
Operating Cost Rating44444
Features & Value44444
Warranty & Support55555

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One Response to “RUUD Achiever Plus Gas Furnace Review”
  1. Nick says:

    Yeah, I give it an overall of a 3 stars mainly because the darn thing has broken so many times! Our RUUD Achiever is only 4 years old and I think it has failed to start at least once a year since we had it put in.

    Reliability is the killer for our review… everything else has been top shelf, including our local contractor who is johnny on the spot with fixing it each time!

    Nick Harper