RUUD High Achiever Gas Furnace Reviews

When low entry price and not ultimate efficiency is your goal the RUUD High Achiever Gas Furnaces will serve your purposes with comfortable, reliable heating year in and year out.

In this Gas Furnace Review, we want you to tell us your Review of the RUUD High Achiever Gas Furnace.

User Ratings for this Gas Furnace

Overall Rating3.
Reliability Rating44444
Operating Cost Rating33333
Features & Value3.
Warranty & Support33333

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2 Responses to “RUUD High Achiever Gas Furnace Reviews”
  1. Jilly says:

    This is an OK heater. We have 2 in our house and while they always wrk, they seem to run all the time in the winter. Gas bills are HIGH!

  2. ford says:

    we have 2 ruud achievers in our house that were installed in 04, and are happy with everything but the warranty. They have broken down a few times, and even though the tech guys take care of the parts cost, we still have to pay for service calls and the repair time.