Trane XV Two Stage Gas Furnace Reviews

If your search for the right high efficiency gas furnace begins with great fuel efficiency and ends with performance features that maximize comfort then you’ll love the Trane XV95 Two Stage Gas Furnaces. They showcase the innovative, quality design that makes Trane an industry leader in these important areas.

In this Gas Furnace Review, we want you to tell us your Review of the Trane XV Two Stage Gas Furnace.

User Ratings for this Gas Furnace

Overall Rating3.633.633.633.633.63
Reliability Rating3.633.633.633.633.63
Operating Cost Rating3.633.633.633.633.63
Features & Value3.
Warranty & Support44444

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11 Responses to “Trane XV Two Stage Gas Furnace Reviews”
  1. BS Meter says:

    we have had a trane XV95 in our home for more than 5 years without one single problem! I get tired or reading around the internets where people blame trane when the furnace stops, and in reality, the buyer has not had the furnace maintained for 2-3 years! duh-huh people… its like a car and needs annual maintenance!

    5 stars – we love our trane XV95 and have it serviced in the fall and spring, like the manufacturer recommends!

  2. HVAC Tech says:

    You simply wont find a better gas furnace than the Trane VX furnace! If you doubt that, go ahead and buy a carrier or some other “Claims” to be a high-end unit…

    Trane – Can’t be Beat!

    HVAC Tech

  3. Tom B says:

    I gave this furnace an overall rating of 4, simply because its expensive as heck to operate! We live on the North Shore in Peabody, and were shocked when we got our first gas bill with this new furnace this month.

  4. Rick says:

    there are many good reasons the trane xv furnace is rated #1 on here, and the most important one is that its the best and most advanced furnace you can get, without having to get a degree to use it!

    Easy to use
    Easy to understand how it works
    Easy to set a thermostat
    Its a TRANE, what else needs to be said?
    Carrier gets on cooling, but nothing beats a trane gas furnace, especially this XV variable speed gas furnace!


  5. Steph says:

    My husband had a Trane installed over the winter and everything was perfect until we turned on the AC this week and some kind of board went bad. It was covered under warranty but took two very hot days to get the part and be fixed.

  6. Beth H says:

    Not quite a full 5-stars for this furnace. Everything about it is GREAT… works great, quiet (and we have it in a utility closet in the hallway of our living area) and very reliable. The cons… its expensive to buy and have installed. We paid more than $7500 for the full system, with a 15 seer air conditioner, coil and furnace, installed in the utility closet.

    4.8 from us…

    Beth H, Springfield Ma.

    • Laurel Ennis says:

      I have just arranged to have this unit installed. I am paying 4,700 including the furnace and all the ductwork. I am bewildered about the person who said his gas bill went UP after it was installed. This is nearly 100efficient (96) how could you possibly have paid less with your old furnace? Our came with the house we bought 15 years ago and who knows how long before that it was purchased. Needless to say it’s pretty old and inefficient. Our gas bill costs $260/month. We’ll see it goes down afterwards. It better. That’s why we’re doing this.

      I agree the naysayers all seem to have one thing in common, either their installer was faulty and even good installers make mistakes or they don’t do the regular maintenence checkups. These are more labour-intenshive machines that the old ones used to be. You do your part, and it looks like Trane does its part. I have every confidence.

  7. Karl Anderson says:

    We own a 2003 Trane XL90 furnace and have had problems with it from the start. It overheats and keeps running on the first stage. Last year we had to replace a “receptacle” for $251 and this year we have been told we need a new heat exchanger….We are going to bite the bullet and get a better furnace from a different company.
    Very disappointed in this Trane product. (the heat exchanger was under warranty, but not the labor charges we would have incurred)

  8. Tom Stradinger says:

    Hi searching for a furnace and a/c , oh my gosh what confusion, and story’s I get, OK some lies. I have a 19 yr. old Trane XL90. Never had maintenance done to it, stopped this fall dirty heat sensor, or igniter.
    Other times was from bees nest, and thermostat. wife said stop the search go with Trane again.
    PS company that installed this, are out of business GOOD they were terrible. Lot of trouble with the install. Ya hear now installer more important then product, I say almost. Heat in Michigan

    • Mark says:

      @ Tom – Technology has changed quite a bit in the last 20 years, and the systems rely a bit more on the installation to be right. If nothing more, I would make sure you insist on a load calculation, since your home has probably changed a bit over 20 years as well.

      I also tend to agree with your wife… If Trane has proven to be good for the last 19 years, I am a brand loyal person as well, and would stick with them.

  9. Frances Egerton says:

    I bought a XV90, the first year the computer went Dec. 26 05 and again Oct. 23 06, then they put and upgrade for me and again the computer board went again Dec.8 11. Now we have to bite the bullet and get a new furnace its only 7 1/2 years old .This furnace is a piece of @&*^. Nothing stops a trane that a crock of {752d6ea5a4921820a5acbc3af47e26cf8ac1b7feef56509be85b3631d3c5d3e9}$@* to.