American Standard Gas Furnace Price Updates

american standard gas furnace logoAmerican Standard, a division of Trane, always find their way into the list of top rated gas furnaces anywhere! The quality built into every gas furnace is apparent to both homeowners and contractors alike. It should be no surprise to anyone that along with the high user ratings and satisfaction, comes a bit steeper of a price as well. In fact, if you read the gas furnace replacement cost guide, you will see that the quality of the unit is one of the key factors in what you will pay!

American Standard Gas Furnace Prices

Over the past few weeks we put out a few feelers into the field to get an idea of what people are paying for these top of the line gas furnaces. We were able to get a small number of new gas furnace prices to add to our full page of all brands. Most surprising to us was the submission of $1900 for an installed American Standard furnace! That’s such a low cost that we considered not showing it! There has to be more to the story… like the homeowner must have known the contractor, or the contractor must have been very hungry for the work! Anyhow… we ultimately did show it.

What did You Pay for Your American Standard?

Feel free to share what you paid for your American Standard gas furnace by jumping to the price submission form and submitting. We don’t keep any of your private info and use it strictly to add data to the furnace price table!

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One Response to “American Standard Gas Furnace Price Updates”
  1. Joyce Tackett says:

    Just got an estimate of 13,600 (with a $600.00 rebate after paying bill from manufacture) for two air conditions and two furnances – America Standard.