Heil VC97 QuietComfort Furnace Review

Heil brings with it a 100 year tradition of excellent quality, engineering and service support so you can be sure your purchase will bring you comfort year after year.   With the addition of the Heil VC97 QuietComfort Furnace, you can be sure that not only will your furnace perform well, but it is backed with Heils’ exclusive No Hassle Replacement warranty.

According to Heil, this furnace delivers consistent heat and a modulating system that operates at a lower level for the most part, but kicks in if temperatures drop dramatically.   This furnace has a very sturdy steel cabinet that is insulated and thermal lined to help in the reduction of heat losses and also cut down on operating noise.

In addition,  this system has a Rigid Press Joint (RPJ) heat exchanger that helps to move heat to the outer surface and increase heat transfer. With its integrated system of a humidifier, air cleaner filters and full color Touchscreen Observer Communicating Panel, you can maximize your comfort and your efficiency will be increased – which will result in about a 38savings.

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