Top Rated Gas Furnaces 2011

Consumers are proving to be very picky about their home heating equipment choices in 2011, and results are showing us that while low cost gas furnaces are important to them, when comfort really counts, they are not afraid to open their wallets and spend a bit more money on a high efficiency gas furnace to get the highest quality!

Update: Also make sure you see our newest rating page for 2012, that includes the top rated furnaces of 2012, along with the highest rated brands and manufacturers! In addition, we also added a section for the Best AC and Furnace Systems of 2012 for you to review.

In our last installment of the Top Rated Furnaces, we featured the best gas furnaces last year had to offer, according to the gas furnace reviews and ratings left by readers like yourself. In this Gas Furnace Guide, we’ll look at the current standing of the Top Rated Furnaces of 2011, thus far. Not surprising, is that its not far from last years list! The Carrier Infinity unit however, did slip one spot to 5th.
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Top Rated Gas Furnaces of 2011

(Last Updated: Dec 2011)

  1. Trane VX Gas Furnace (Details | Reviews)
  2. AS Freedom 95 (Details | Reviews)
  3. AS Freedom 90 Furnace (Details | Reviews )
  4. Trane XL 2-Stage Furnace (Details | Reviews )
  5. Carrier Infinity 96 Gas Furnace (Details | Reviews)

Just Outside the Top 5 Furnaces

To shake things up a bit this season, we decided to look just outside the top 5 rated furnaces and see which other furnace brands are knocking on the door. Surprisingly, in the 6-10th spots, we really start seeing some of the competition come to life.

  • Amana 90+ High Efficiency Furnace (Details)
  • Goodman GMH95 Series Furnaces (Details)
  • Trane XC Communicating Furnace (Details)
  • American Standard Freedom 80 (Details)
  • Heil Quiet Comfort DLX (Details)

Just like earlier this year, when we asked our friends who install these units day in and day out, they once again voted for the Trane XL 2-Stage furnace as the best value furnace with the most features for the money spent.

Rate Your Own Gas Furnace

What gas furnace brand do you have installed in your home? How would you rate your own furnace as it compares to the list of Top Rated Gas Furnaces in 2011? Share your opinion below.

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7 Responses to “Top Rated Gas Furnaces 2011”
  1. Alan S. says:

    I had two Maytag 96 efficient furnaces (for heat and arranged to combine with an outside AC condenser) installed in my home in January 2007; one unit for the upstairs, another for the downstairs. The downstairs unit has worked flawlessly. The upstairs unit has had on average two service calls a year, and is going to go on it’s 4 blower motor in three days! While Maytag covers the parts, the labor has been covered for just the first year. The service guy tells me that these units are very sensitive, and the slightest electrical wobble can cause these units to break down or burn out. I am wondering if this common with all of these furnaces, regardless of the manufacturer. The few people I have spoken all relate problems regardless of manufacturer. Can anyone suggest a manufacturer that makes a very reliable unit?

    • JonesHVAC says:

      Sounds to me like you may have a bad capacitor and they aren’t replacing it while replacing the blower motor. It is common rule to replace the capacitor along with it. No reason to blow through 4 blower motors in 3 days.

  2. Andy says:

    Trane VX95 for us and we love it, we rated it 5-stars on every review we find! The installers did it right and our home has never been more comfortable than it is now.

  3. Jackie says:

    Put us on the list of loyal Trane owners. Our homes have had nothing but Trane furnaces since we bought our first home in 1977. We just moved to Columbia SC and the first thing we did was pull out the 10 year old Bryant furnace and installed a high efficiency Trane. There is a good reason Trane furnaces are rated the best, they are the best.

    Jackie – Columbia SC

    • Jim Plumb says:

      The only reason I can think of for one to trash a perfectly good furnace and install a brand you like is because you are filthly rich and dollars don’t mean a thing to you! Duh..
      Our Carrier quit friday night after 23 years and of course we have to wait through the weekend to get a replacement. However, the brand name will not matter as long as we have a local company recommend and install it.

      Probably won’t buy Carrier again…who knows. will accept the advise of the six local furnace dealers in my area. And Costco…neighbor says the sel and install and they save $10,000 on their new truck by buying throug Costco. Someone says Trane is the best, but they probably have stock in the company.

  4. Laura - Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN says:

    We purchased a Carrier Weathermaker Infinity a few years back and have had nothing but problems with it. The unit continually locks out all winter long, requiring a manual reset each time and no repair service has been able to fix the problem although many have tried. The problem is in the manufacturing (there was a class act suit against Carrier for this very issue). Carrier was no help when we called them numerous times – from day one they kept saying it was an installation problem. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON CARRIER! We are replacing our furnace this year since we can’t deal with this any longer.

  5. lee mosher says:

    any comments on concord furnace and air conditoners ?