Estimated Furnace Maintenance and Repair Costs

At some point or another, anyone who owns a gas furnace is going to have to face the fact that you need furnace repair or service to either fix it, or maintain operating efficiency. By knowing the repair cost estimates for the different furnace parts that may break down, you can plan ahead budget the cost of fixing your home furnace now.

In a previous article about gas furnace maintenance, we discussed the different furnace parts that need to be checked and maintained regularly. In this guide, we’ll share general price estimates for furnace repair, assuming you use a local heating contractor to handle the project (get free quotes). If your furnace is beyond repair, you may want to research new furnace prices, to get an idea of how much a replacement may cost.

Repair Contractor Service Call Charges

Whether you call a heating company to come out and light the furnace pilot light, replace the furnace filters, or troubleshoot and diagnose a more expensive furnace repair, they are most likely going to change you a service call fee for the visit.

  • $49-$200 – Typical Service Call Charge
  • Free service calls are not always the norm, but some companies do offer no charge estimates for things like second opinions, or if you agree to have them complete the repair during the same visit.
  • The price of furnace and ac repairs can rise during periods of high demand like the first freeze, first cold snap, or extended periods off cold weather.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for the best price or about current coupons or specials, they may give you an instant discount! If your system is being replaced, make sure you ask about rebates and incentives.
  • $89-$129 – HVAC Inspection Fee typically charged for a basic heating and ac system inspection for home sellers.

While free service calls are not customary any longer, some heating contractors have agreements with online screening companies like our own partner program with Networx, to provide free, or discounted estimates for all calls.

Common Furnace Repair Costs with Price Estimates

Whether you purchased a low cost gas furnace or a top rated furnace from a leading furnace brand, you can be sure that at some point, it will need repair, and you will find yourself wondering about the repair costs. Below, is a list of common furnace repair costs. The range shown can vary based on many factors like part cost, part availability, and off course, heating contractor markup and service call rates.

**Note – The prices shown below are only estimates based on many years of experience and knowledge in gas furnace repair, furnace parts sales and price quotes. The prices shown can vary, based on many factors and the only way to get an exact and accurate price is to contact your local heating repair contractor and get a written gas furnace repair quote.

  • $75-$150, Hourly Repair Rate – The hourly rate a contractor may charge for repairs. Remember, even though parts may be covered under the manufacturers warranty, warranty labor is usually not covered and is charged at an hourly repair rate.
  • $29-$150, Replacement Carbon Monoxide Detector – Why you need one if you have any natural gas products in your home.
  • $29-$100, Replacement of Standard Thermostat – Mercury or standard digital.
  • $80-$450, Replacement of Programmable Thermostat – Higher prices for models with more features, or manufacturer specific thermostats like Carrier Infinity.
  • $40-$200, Replace Faulty Circuit Breaker or Fuses – These provide power to the unit.
  • $40-$350, Pressure Sensors or Circuit Boards – Various safety or control related items to allow furnaces to start and run.
  • $150-$450, Draft inducer – Draws in fresh air for combustion.
  • $80-$200, Hot Surface Ignitor – lights the flame on pilot-less systems.
  • $80-$250, Flame Sensor or Thermocouple Replacement – Signals the OK to open the gas valve.
  • $150-$750, Replacement Gas Valve or Smart Valve – Allows the natural gas to flow to the burners.
  • $200-$400, Replacement Gas Burners – These are the Venturi burners that burn the natural gas into the heat exchanger.
  • $550-$1500, Replace a Cracked Heat Exchanger – When this happens, you are very likely better off just replacing the entire furnace. (Get free repair quotes from local pre-screened contractors)
  • $150-$350, Blower Motor Replacement – This electric motor turns the blower that moves air through your duct system.
  • $250-$500, Squirrel Cage Fan with Motor – The round cage-style fan and motor that moves air.

We realize that there are many other items that can result in other gas furnace repair costs and tried to cover the main items in the list above. If you have a different part needing repair, feel free to ask if it is not covered above.

Replace Furnace Versus Repairing It Again

If the price to repair a gas furnace seems high and you are wondering if you should simply replace the furnace versus fixing it, please read the following articles for more info.

Share Your Furnace Repair Price

If you recently had a part replaced on your gas furnace, please consider sharing the information about your furnace repair costs in the short comment form below. it will be helpful to let others know the brand, part or parts replaced, as well as a rounded cost off the gas furnace repair price.

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