Replacing Only the Gas Furnace, Tips and Suggestions to Get it Right!

I was deep in a conversation with an HVAC technician last week about some of the common things he hears customers asking over and over. One of the questions he gets when quoting furnace prices, is about the cost to replace the furnace only! As in, leave the rest of the central HVAC system in place, and just replace the gas furnace. He said its always a bit tricky to answer the question since many homeowners generally assume that each part of an hvac system can be replaced individually, like replacing just 1 of the 4 wheels on a car.

You can absolutely replace only the furnace anytime, but in effect, the gas furnace itself is an integral part of a complete heating and cooling system for the home, so replacing just the furnace, is not always the best option and could even make a replacement of the central cooling system cost more if you choose to do them individually.

In this Gas Furnace Guide article, we want to explore when and if you can, or even should, replace the gas furnace in your home, without replacing anything else! If you are constantly dealing with high repair costs on a repeated basis, or if cracks are found in the heat exchanger, replacing the furnace is probably a good choice.

Replacement Furnace Cost

As previously mentioned and covered in detail on the HVAC replacement cost guide, the furnace is a key part of the entire heating and cooling system of your home and in some cases, replacing just the furnace is not going to be an option.

How Old is the Central Air Conditioner?

The first question you need to ask yourself, is about the age of your current cooling system! When the gas furnace is removed, the cased coil and other components of the cooling system in your home will need to be worked around as well. In many cases, if the air conditioner system is more than 7-10 years old, its worth considering replacement at the same time!

Think about it, if they have to come out in 12 months and remove everything they install today, its going to significantly increase your cost!

How Difficult is the Project?

As previously mentioned, the parts of your home cooling system are going to be moved to replace the furnace. If your HVAC system is installed in your attic, crawl space, or even in a hard to get location, it may be considerably cheaper to replace the full system at the same time.

Will The HVAC Contractor Offer a Discount on a Complete System?

Most HVAC Contractors prefer to replace the entire system as a complete unit! It assures them that everything is designed to work properly together, and reduces future service issues. Due to this, many will offer the air conditioner installation at cost if its done at the same time as the furnace!

How Long do You Plan to Stay in the Home?

Are you replacing the furnace only on a home you plan to move away from soon? If so, when to replace the furnace, ask your heating contractor to inspect the cooling system, so you know it will at least make it through the home sale inspection process.

Are You Upgrading to Accommodate an Addition, or Structural Changes?

Many time, when you build an addition or make structural changes to your home, you need to upgrade the home heating system to account for the new space. In almost every case, if you need to add more heating capacity by changing the size of the furnace, you also need to add more air conditioner capacity.

Other Reasons to Replace Furnace Only

There are probably hundreds of reasons why you want to replace just your furnace, and the most important factor facing most people today is the lack of money! The bottom line is that you absolutely CAN replace only the furnace ANYTIME, and fore-go the cooling system until you can afford to. Sometimes, it just doesn’t make sense!

Ask, share, and contribute below! What other reasons would you want to replace only the furnace?

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