Gas Furnace Replacement and Installation Cost Guide

There are many things that contribute to the replacement cost of a gas furnace system. Along with the brand, size, accessories, and the ratings, the biggest and most influential furnace replacement cost variable, is usually the installation factor.

In this section of the Gas Furnace Guide, we want to answer the question: how much does a new furnace cost? And at the same time, help you understand all the variables that go into cost of furnace replacement for a new gas furnace. Whether your furnace stopped working, or has given you 25 years of solid and reliable service, this gas furnace replacement cost guide will help you plan for the inevitable, as well as help you learn all that goes into your gas furnace installation.

Since many of our visitors are also interested in knowing how much a new furnace and ac cost (air conditioner) when purchased at the same time, we are also working on adding a new section to this page, to cover the air conditioning or

Gas Furnace Replacement Parts & Supplies Cost

Although many of the items listed below don’t make it onto your estimate sheet, most qualified HVAC Contractors will replace almost all of these parts where applicable, with every gas furnace they install. These are the typical incidental supplies and cost!

  • Furnace Flue or Exhaust Venting (PVC or B-Vent)
  • New Roof Jack Boot and Flashing around Flue
  • Sheet Metal Transition from Furnace to Duct
  • Duct Sealer, Tape, Insulation, Fasteners and Screws
  • New Thermostat & Wiring
  • Gas Piping, Fittings & Connectors
  • Sheet Metal Drain Pan
  • Electrical Wiring and New Circuit Breaker

The cost of these items is usually factored into your final price already. To learn what some of the gas furnace replacement parts and terms on this page are, go to the gas furnace terms and meanings page.

Parts Replacement Cost Range: $300-$500

Gas Furnace Prices

Along with the items listed above, you need a new gas furnace to install as well! Your HVAC Contractor will help you choose the right gas furnace brand with the comfort features you desire, as well as making sure you get the correct size furnace, based on what you need for your specific home. You are encouraged to browse the reviews section of our website to learn what different owners feel about their own furnaces, as the cost of gas furnace replacement is not to be taken lightly. If you already own one, please leave a review of your own for future readers to enjoy.

The main factors that are going to affect the cost of gas furnace equipment are:

  • The Brand or Manufacturer of the New Gas Furnace
    The higher quality brands can cost considerably more than the value priced brands. There are however differences in the way the products are manufactured, warranties, etc.
  • Size and Efficiency Rating of the New Furnace
    Smaller furnaces cost less, larger gas furnaces cost more.
  • Comfort Features in the New Furnace
    2-Stage burners, Variable Speed blowers, etc… just like options on a new car, they add to the price of the furnace.
  • Market Conditions, Supply and Demand
    Some of the larger and more popular gas furnace brands offer incentives and rebates to buy their products! Ask your contractor for more information.

Standard Efficiency 80AFUE

  • Value-Brand, No Features, 80AFUE, 80k btu Furnace Cost: $400-$650
  • Average 80AFUE, 80k btu Furnace Cost: $550-$800
  • Quality-Brand, Higher Comfort Features, 80AFUE, 80k btu Furnace Cost: $750-$1,500

High Efficiency 90and Higher AFUE Gas Furnaces!

  • Value-Brand, No Features, +90AFUE, 80k btu Furnace Cost: $650-$1000
  • Average +90AFUE, 80k btu Furnace Cost: $800-$1,350
  • Quality-Brand, Higher Comfort Features, +95AFUE, 80k btu Furnace Cost: $1,500-$2,500 or more!

(Obviously, these are wholesale estimates, paid by the contractor. Click here for all furnace prices)

In addition to the gas furnace itself, there are several climate comfort add-ons that may be considered as well.

  • Whole house duct or bypass humidifiers
  • Whole house air cleaners (non-electronic)
  • Electronic Air Purifier Systems
  • Programmable Digital Thermostats
  • Internet and Network Monitoring Systems
  • Smoke Alarms and Monitoring
  • etc, etc…

Gas Furnace Equipment Price Range: $400-$2500

Gas Furnace Installation Costs

As mentioned earlier in this Gas Furnace Replacement Cost Guide, the widest variable in the total price you pay to have a new gas furnace installed in your home, is the installation cost! Local Permits and Mechanical Safety Inspections are Required in almost all 50 States! Make sure you system is inspected, your life could depend on it! The only real way to get an accurate gas furnace estimate, is to have a Licensed and Qualified Contractor come to your home, inspect your specific needs and prepare an estimate for you. Most contractors do this at no charge to you!

Many HVAC Contractors still work on the flat rate installation cost system, where they base the overall job price on the cost of the equipment, then multiply it by a predetermined factor, in order to support their business operations. There is no rule of thumb when it comes to the factor the contractor uses for his or her business, and in many cases, it can change “on the fly” depending on your specific installation needs, the level of technical expertise needed, or even how busy the HVAC Contractor is at that specific moment.

For this, and several other reasons, you are always encouraged to get at least 3 quotes from different contractors.

A basic flat-rate price model may look like:

  • Base Install Rate Factor: 4.0 (equipment cost x 4 = base installed price)
  • Attic or Crawl Space Factor: +0.5
  • Roof Hoist or Crane System Needed: +1.0
  • Installing AC or Cooling at same time: -1.0
  • Level of Mechanical Skill Needed: +1.0

Using the factors above, an Average 80gas furnace, installed in an attic may cost approximately: $3,375
(not including air conditioning, or any other features)

  • Furnace $750
  • Flat Rate Factor = 4.5 (Base install + Attic Factor)
  • Installed Gas Furnace Price Estimate: $3,375 ($750 x 4.5)

The Bottom Line

We encourage you to contribute to the Gas Furnace Replacement Cost Guide by joining in the comments section below. We value the opinion of our readers, and use your feedback to help us prepare future content that helps the community.

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