Calculate the Cost of a New Gas Furnace

The most common question every heating and air conditioning technician hears from Sept to March, How Much Does a New Furnace Cost?! If there was a cut and dry, same for everyone, and standardized answer to this question, I assure you it would listed in the next paragraph. The truth however is that in order to find out how much money it’s going to cost you to buy a new furnace, quite a bit more information is needed!


We have created a gas furnace price calculator that’s located on top of every page on our website. By answering the 4 short drop menu questions, we can deliver an approximate cost of a new gas furnace for your home or single area. At this point, the calculator only works for single systems.

In this Gas Furnace Guide article, we want to explain how to use our furnace price calculator so you can understand more about the variables that contribute to gas furnace replacement cost.

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How to Use the New Furnace Cost Price Calculator

In order to provide rough estimates of what a gas furnace may cost you for your home, we developed a quick and easy 3-question estimate form that floats on top of every page of our website. It provides you a VERY ROUGH estimate and was created only so you can get a price range of how much a new furnace may cost before you contact a local contractor and get an accurate price quote.

How Does the Furnace Price Tool Work?

Scroll to the top of the page and choose the following:

1 – Choose Your Approximate Home Size! Tell the tool how many heated square feet of your home is. The logic behind the tool will determine a very general furnace size for your needs, and get the prices of a selected range of gas furnaces from various manufacturers, efficiency ratings, and sizes.

2 – Choose the Location of Your Installed Furnace! By telling us where your current furnace is installed within your home, we’re able to algorithmically multiply a factor that’s related to the degree of difficulty your project may present. It is very general in scope based on what others before you have needed.

3 – Choose How The Urgency of Your Need! When you tell us how badly you need the furnace installed, at this exact moment in time, we can determine a level of motivation for you to buy from the salesman right now! Like any other purchase you make, supply and demand comes into play. If its cold and you need the furnace immediately, chances are good that others do as well.

4 – Press the Get a Quote Button!

top of the page

When you press the quote button, you will be taken to a results page that shows you a selection of Good, Better and Best gas furnace price options you can expect to pay. We cannot stress enough that the prices you see are very broad based results and you should not budget based on them. The only way to get an accurate cost estimate for a new furnace is to contact a local contractor and have them come out and provide a detailed and accurate price estimate.

Tell Us How it Worked for You!

Have you recently had a new furnace installed? If so, give the new furnace cost tool a spin and tell us how close it came for you! We’re always trying to improve the quality of the tool, and your feedback will help us!

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