Top Rated Furnace and AC Systems for your Home

Once again, it’s that time of year when we switch our thermostats from the furnace or heat setting, over to the air conditioning and cooling functions of our home HVAC system. Many homeowners put off installing a new central air conditioner at the end of summer, and prefer to change the complete furnace and air conditioner system at the same time, assuring they get a perfectly matched furnace and air conditioner system.

In this page at the Gas Furnace Guide, we want to focus on the top rated furnace and air conditioner systems and the furnace and air conditioner prices you may have installed to your home in 2013. We’ll focus on the highest efficiency furnaces and air conditioners you can have installed this year. If you care less about a complete matched HVAC system and just want to review your gas furnace options, visit the top rated furnaces of 2012 page instead.

We need to mention that any of the furnace and air conditioner prices we list throughout our website are only estimates based on several years of experience in the residential heating and cooling industry. The only way you can get an accurate HVAC system price quote, is to request a free consultation for repair or replacement quotes.

Top Rated High Efficiency Furnace and AC Systems and Prices

High Efficiency Furnace and Air Conditioners
Efficiency Rating
Approx Price Installed
Carrier Infinity 98 Furnace and Air Conditioner 98AFUE, 21 SEER $8,000
Get Free Quotes | Carrier Infinity Info | Carrier furnace reviews
Bryant Evolution Furnace and Air Conditioner 98AFUE, 21 SEER $7,000
Get Free Quotes | Bryant Evolution info | Bryant furnace reviews
Lennox Signature 98V Gas Furnace & AC System 98AFUE, 21 SEER $7,500
Get Free Quotes | Signature Furnaces & AC | Lennox furnace reviews & prices
Westinghouse IQ Drive Furnace and Air Conditioners 97AFUE, 24 SEER $8,000
Get Free Quotes | IQ Drive Website
American Standard Allegiance 20 Air Conditioner & Furnace
95AFUE, 20 SEER $7,400
Get Free Quotes | American Standard Platinum Series | American Standard furnace reviews

The furnace and central air conditioner systems included above were done so based on the ultra high-efficiency ratings they achieve as traditional central heating and air systems. We did not include dual fuel, hybrid, geothermal systems, or any other type of emerging technology in the list, we wanted to focus only on traditional heating and cooling systems in our comparison.

Guides to Replacing your HVAC System

Browse these great buying guides to help you buy a new heating and air conditioner system. If you don’t see a furnace and air conditioner guide you would like to read, please suggest a new buying guide for our experts to write.

If you want to further your research into the highest efficiency air conditioner and heating systems, dig through the residential equipment listings at the Consortium for Energy Efficiency website, which has a monster database of EnergyStar qualified HVAC equipment.

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We know that many of you have recently had a new furnace and ac system installed in your home. Share your experience and what you learned along the way. Do you like the system? How much did it cost? Most importantly, how much more comfortable are you now that you had a top rated furnace and air conditioner system installed!

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