About Us | Gas Furnace Guide

The Gas Furnace Guide is our small corner of the web where visitors can learn all about the heating (and often, cooling) portion of the home hvac systems that are used to provide warmth and comfort during the winter months, their Gas Furnaces! You will find that we often feature content from industry professionals like ourselves, located in all areas of the USA, skilled in their ways around your home heating system and gas furnaces.

Mark Hansen (email: mark -@- gasfurnaceguide.com) and the team behind the Gas Furnace Guide have been in and around the HVAC industry for more than 15 years, and carry a wealth of knowledge and information onto this site. We were integral in the design and operation of one of the highest rated HVAC sales and service websites on the web for many years, and decided to pour ourselves into help you with your gas furnace needs.

If you are a heating and air professional yourself, feel free to jump to our contact page and get in touch about how you can become a expert content provider to our readers. We’re always looking for more pro’s to hop on board!

What Will You Find on the Gas Furnace Guide?

As you browse around the gas furnace guide website, you are going to notice we have several sections of information. The information includes:

Gas Furnace Brands

Learn all about the major brands and manufacturers of gas furnaces for residential use. From Carrier to Trane, American Standard and everything in between, we cover the brands as well as each of the gas furnace models from the company.

Gas Furnace Ratings

Have you ever wondered which gas furnaces were rated the highest? Whether you are looking for the highest efficiency gas furnaces, or the high user ratings for maintenance and breakdowns, the gas furnace ratings section has the information.

Gas Furnace Reviews

Actual gas furnace reviews from owners and installers who use and install them daily! Learn all about the pros and cons of each gas furnace reviewed, from the end user and the professionals who install them!

Gas Furnace Types and Information

The Types and Information section of the Gas Furnace Guide contains an illustrated overview of gas furnaces, the type of furnaces most commonly installed in residential use, as well as a visual representation of various things associated with gas furnaces.

Gas Furnace Prices

One of the most hidden gems in the home HVAC industry are the prices! Each contractor prices each job differently based on many factors that we cannot even scratch the surface with! We will however do our best to solicit buyer information and deliver the overall prices people like yourself are paying for their gas furnace purchases!

Gas Heating Contractors

When you need to hire a heating contractor for your home project, you need a place to go and learn more about the business. Our Heating Contractors section contains an index of all the best articles on our site about hiring, screening, reviews of heating contractors and much more to guide you through the hiring process.

Gas Furnace Troubleshooting and Repair Tips

(Coming Soon)

Nothing can ruin a night faster than a broken furnace! In our furnace troubleshooting and repair section, we cover the basics of what a homeowner can do to maintain their own gas furnace, as well as a few basic troubleshooting steps you can take when a breakdown does occur.

Frequent Questions about Gas Furnaces

The FAQ section of the Gas Furnace Guide contains common questions and answers from readers like yourself. We have been in the gas furnace related business for many years and will continue to add to the list!

Common Gas Furnace Related Terms

The terms and definitions section of the GFG website provides a list of common words and their definitions as related to a gas furnace. We realize the list is not anywhere near complete and will continue adding phrases as the site grows!