Amana High Efficiency Gas Furnaces

amana high efficiency gas furnaceWhen you need a fuel-efficient furnace that you know you can depend on for years to come the Amana High Efficiency Gas Furnaces have what you’re looking for. They are built using design and components with a proven track record of performance and reliability, giving you confidence every time the heating season begins. And if they should ever fail Amana backs up every unit with a fantastic warranty – a lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger and 10-year limited warranty on all parts.

These units deliver some of the most efficient heating in the industry with Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) between 92and 95{752d6ea5a4921820a5acbc3af47e26cf8ac1b7feef56509be85b3631d3c5d3e9}. That meets the guidelines for Energy Star ratings and in many cases makes the customer eligible for federal energy rebates. What you will save on fuel costs alone may surpass 25compared to older furnaces so these Amana High Efficiency Gas Furnaces will pay you back every year they’re in use.

Quality is assured with the patented stainless steel tubular diameter heat exchanger and a variable speed circulator motor that is efficient and quiet. The 2-stage operation uses less gas and helps maintain even heating throughout your home. You won’t notice annoying fluctuations in temperature with this intelligent design. Each of the Amana High Efficiency Gas Furnaces comes standard with a long-life silicone nitride igniter that offers pilotless firing and high reliability.

Amana has created an entire series of 90+ efficiency furnaces so you can tailor the options to meet your needs. Models like the AMVC95 and the GMH95 Distinctions feature an electronic control board with self-diagnostic capability. Other high efficiency models include the GCH9 Distinctions and the ACV9 that come equipped with humidity control for added comfort. When you select an Amana High Efficiency Gas Furnace you win in many ways – you’ll save on fuel costs today and on equipment costs with a unit that will work for years to come, or Amana will fix it at no cost to you.

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