Amana Standard Efficiency Gas Furnaces

amana standard efficiency gas furnaceAmana knows what their customers want and their Amana Standard Efficiency Gas Furnaces offer it. You’ll pay less for these models and they’ll still deliver the kind of reliable performance you expect from one of America’s leading manufacturers. These furnaces are built with top-quality components and Amana isn’t afraid to back up every part with one of the industry’s best warranties. If the heat exchanger fails they will replace the entire furnace for the original owner. Everything else is covered top to bottom by a 10-year limited no-hassle warranty.

The details are worth noting. The heat exchanger is a patented Million Air stainless steel tubular model that is built for durability and smooth operation. The variable speed motor efficiently circulates air throughout the system to balance the heat in your home. The SureStart igniter eliminates the need for a wasteful pilot light by offering instant firing every time heat is called for.

Amana Standard Efficiency Gas Furnaces like the AMV8 and the ADV8 offer 80efficiency that will make your energy dollar go further when compared to older furnaces. Other 80AFUE models include the GMH8 and the GHS8. All these models feature 2-stage operation that conserves energy and variable speed fan to deliver the highest level of comfort to your climate. Save money on these affordable models when compared with higher efficiency models, but don’t sacrifice an ounce of comfort or quality. They are a good choice in moderate climates that don’t experience extreme cold is winter and don’t require very high efficiency to reduce fuel costs. Builders and homeowners also choose Amana Standard Efficiency Gas Furnaces when they need a replacement furnace for a home they’re putting on the market. Affordability and reliability come together in the 8-series furnaces from Amana.

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