American Standard Gas Furnaces

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If you choose an American Standard gas furnace for your home, you will not only be choosing the most cost effective option, but you will also enjoy superior efficiency. American Standard sells a wide range of gas furnaces that have AFUE ratings from 80- 96.7.  What does this mean for you?  It basically means that at least 80or more of the fuel you pay for is converted into heat for your home. On the higher efficiency models, up to almost 97 cents of every dollar for natural gas, is converted into usable heat.

All gas furnace models from American Standard are designed for minimum fuel usage and provide maximum heating for home or office, and in addition, purchasing an American Standard may also qualify you for a tax credit of up to $1500.

American Standard Furnace Prices

We have been compiling user submitted furnace prices for several years through the submission section of our natural gas furnace prices page. Please consider sharing your estimate or quoted cost of American Standard furnace or complete HVAC systems with us as well.

AS Freedom 95 Gas Furnace and AC Full System $5,116
Gold ZM Freedom 95 Variable Speed Furnace Furnace Installed $3700
Freedom 90 Furnace & AC Full System $9330
AS Freedom 80, 40k BTU Furnace Installed $1984
AS Freedom 95 AUH100A9V and Air Conditioner Full System $7900
Freedom 95 Gold 96 AFUE Furnace Only Installed $5950
AS Freedom 90 Two Stage Gas Furnace System Full System $6900
Freedom 80 Furnace and AC Full System $5190
American Standard F80 Installed $4100
AS Freedom 80 Complete System Full System $8260
American Standard Freedom 80 Gas Furnace Installed $3150

Last Update: August 2013

American Standard Furnace Rebates and Incentives

At the time of the last update, there are no current rebates or incentives on American Standard furnaces. American Standard suggest visiting the EnergyStar website, and using furnace tax credits for high efficiency furnaces to save money on a new furnace.