American Standard Freedom 90 Gas Furnace

american standard freedom 90 gas furnaceWhen fuel efficiency is a vital part of your budgeting plan the American Standard Freedom 90 Gas Furnaces are definitely worth a look. They are built to last for decades while keeping fuel consumption low every day with a very good 92energy efficiency rating. This qualifies these reliable furnaces for the Energy Star rating and possible federal energy rebates when you install one in your home. If your current furnace is more than 15 years old you can expect to save up to 25or more on your energy bill, a fact that helps this furnace pay for itself over the years of use. And since efficiently burned fuel releases less harmful emissions you’ll also reduce your output of greenhouse gases.

The multi-speed blower motor features quiet operation and work horse service you can depend on for years to come. It, along with the heat exchanger and other components, is backed by a solid warranty that will let you install one with peace of mind. The cabinet is made from rugged, thick steel that is tightly sealed to keep both noise and heat from escaping. The heavy-duty filter can be vacuumed or washed for convenience so you’ll never have to waste money buying disposable filters.

If you or anyone in your home suffers from breathing-related ailments the Freedom® 90 Comfort-R™ Variable Speed Furnace is here to help. Its advanced AccuClean filtering system removes up to 99of airborne allergens and irritants to help you maintain very high air quality when that is simply essential. The AFUE on this model is 93for even greater energy savings. On humid summer days run the fan and the Comfort-R technology will remove unwanted moisture from the air. The American Standard Freedom 90 Gas Furnaces are designed to help you live the lifestyle you desire while making every energy dollar count.

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