American Standard Freedom 95 Gas Furnaces

american standard freedom 95 gas furnaceAmerican Standard has a hard-earned reputation for delivering quality products and the American Standard Freedom 95 Gas Furnaces only further their renown. These flagship models are built to deliver top of the line performance and energy efficiency. They are the first choice of a wide range of customers that includes homeowners, builders and heating contractors. Why are they so popular? Let’s consider the benefits of installing one in your home.

The American Standard Freedom 95 Gas Furnaces are best sellers because they will save you money on heating from the day they are installed. The 95AFUE will reduce your energy costs by up to 30when you replace an older furnace. With today’s high cost of energy that feature is essential. This efficiency is achieved in part with 3-stage heating that fires at 40{752d6ea5a4921820a5acbc3af47e26cf8ac1b7feef56509be85b3631d3c5d3e9}, 65or 100depending on the climate needs in your home. The result will be consistent and balanced warming of your home without large temperature swings. The variable speed fan motor pushes air easily throughout the duct work and is housed in a heavy-duty, insulated cabinet that delivers quiet performance while reducing heat loss through leaks.

The Freedom® 95 Comfort-R™ Variable-Speed, Three Stage Communicating Furnace from American Standard features AccuLink to precisely coordinate with other system components like a built-in air conditioning unit. The result is optimal performance in every season. The Comfort-R feature helps regulate humidity in warm months to keep your home as comfortable as possible every day of the year. For state of the art climate control add the TAM telephone access module and control your house’s climate remotely. This enables you to keep the temperature lower when no one is there but let’s you walk in to a warm house any time of the day. When you want a premium furnace that will save on energy costs and allow you to tailor your home’s climate throughout the year the American Standard Freedom 95 Gas Furnaces can be trusted to get the job done.

American Standard Freedom 95 Prices

Users of our website often submit prices of the furnace they purchase, or were recently quoted to have installed in their homes. The American Standard Freedom 95 prices below, reflect those submitted through our gas furnace price list page .

Freedom 95 Gold 96 AFUE Installed $5950
AS Freedom 95 AUH100A9V Full System $7900

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