Bryant Gas Furnace

bryant gas furnaceWhen you are looking for a high efficient, low maintenance gas furnace at a very reasonable price, Bryant Gas Furnaces should be one of your first options!  With Bryant, you not only get cost saving energy efficiency, but you have the backing of a company who has been around over 100 years!

Bryant has a full line of gas furnaces, from the Legacy line with an 80 AFUE, to the top-of-the-line Evolution Series with AFUE ranges up to 95. The higher the AFUE, the more you will save on your energy costs, so these systems are highly efficient!

Bryan furnaces are produced in the US, and are unmatched in their high standards in design, testing and production. They are also owned by United Technologies family of companies, which also owns Carrier and several others, so you get the benefit of quality control over a large volume of furnaces.


Updated: January 2017

Bryant Legacy Gas Furnace and AC Full System $5400
Preferred 352MAV Furnace Only Installed $3400
Bryant 352 Series Gas Furnace Installed $2950
Bryant Legacy Furnace and Air Conditioner Full System $5,840
Bryant Legacy Gas Furnace Installed $2,290
Bryant 2-Stage Preferred Plus 80 Furnace Installed $1,300
Bryant 310AAV 90k, 80AFUE Furnace Furnace Only $1110


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Rebates, Discounts, Deals and Incentives

Bryant, like its partner Carrier furnaces, often has quite a few manufacturer level rebates or incentives to help consumers get the best price on a Bryant gas furnace. Currently, you can take advantage of:

  • Bryant Bonus Up to $1.250 on Evolution Dual Fuel Systems
  • $50 – $1250 On Complete Systems

Click here to get free estimates, or visit the Bryant site to request contact from a Bryant dealer. To claim a rebate on a unit you already had installed, visit the Bryant rebate center to process.