Carrier Gas Furnaces

carrier gas furnace logoWhen you are looking for optimum efficiency in your gas heating system, consider that Carrier gas furnaces are one of the highest rated gas furnaces you will find!  Carrier gas furnaces (  are precision engineered to deliver the highest efficiency ratings, which in turn helps you save money! As we all know, the only thing better than saving money with a high efficiency Carrier gas furnace, is knowing you have the highly trusted backing of a company like Carrier!

Carrier has been around for over 100 years and is a world leader in not only heating, but air conditioning and refrigeration systems.  Dedicated to the creation of environmentally friendly products that preserve our natural resources, Carrier cares very much about the environment and takes that into consideration with all of their products.

List of Carrier Gas Furnace Prices

Our growing list of Carrier furnace prices is compiled from submissions of visitors just like yourself, via the gas furnace prices page on our website.

Carrier Furnace Price List Updated: January 2017

Carrier Infinity ICS 58MVC100 Furnace Complete System Installed $7,450
Carrier Infinity 98 Furnace w/Heat Pump (Hybrid) Complete System Installed $11,650
Carrier Infinity 98 Price Quoted, Did not Purchase $9,650
Infinity 98 Furnace Installed w/Duct Sealing $4300
Infinity 96 Gas Furnace Installed $6240
Carrier Infinity 96 w/AC Installed Full System $8500
Infinity ICS Gas Furnace Installed $5240
Carrier 58MCB100 Furnace and Air Conditioning Full System $5305
Carrier 58MVC080-14 Furnace Furnace Installed $4700
Carrier 58UVB 2-Stage Gas Furnace & AC Full System $6351
Carrier Performance 93 Gas Furnace Installed $3750
Infinity 80AFUE Furnace and AC System Full System $6400

If you have recently been quoted or had a Carrier gas furnace price estimate given, please consider submitting the cost to us for inclusion on the price list.

Carrier Rebates on Furnaces and Heating Systems

Just like their sister company Bryant, Carrier furnace rebates are generally offered on the highest efficiency systems like the Infinity 96 gas  furnaces and matching ac or heat pump units. The most often found Carrier rebate program has been called the “Cool Cash” rebate program for several years. It is not currently active.

At the time of this update, the only rebate Carrier is offering, is called “Old vs New“, which offers an incentive for existing Carrier owners a $100 rebate to trade your 30-year old system for a new high efficiency Carrier furnace, heat pump or ac.