Carrier Comfort Gas Furnaces

carrier comfort series gas furnaceWhen you select one of the reliable Carrier Comfort Gas Furnaces you have options to exactly fit your heating needs. To begin with, 3 models allow you to choose good, better or best energy efficiency, and they come at a price point to match. For warmer climates with fewer heating days you’ll save with the less expensive, slightly less efficient Carrier Comfort 80 Gas Furnace with 80AFUE. The Carrier Comfort 92 Gas Furnace provides very good 92efficiency and the Comfort 95 gives outstanding 95efficiency. It is most often used in cooler climates where a more expensive furnace will pay for itself in fuel cost savings in just a few years.

When you install a Carrier Comfort Gas Furnace you’ll appreciate how balanced the heat distribution is in your home. The variable speed fan is quiet, durable and easily circulates air to the most distant rooms. The furnace fires instantly with electronic ignition that eliminates the need for a fuel-wasting pilot light. The sealed combustion chamber also eliminates heat waste and keeps things very quiet. You’ll appreciate the lifetime limited warranty on the high-capacity, high-grade Serpentuff heat exchanger. With a capacity of up to 138,000 BTU on some models you can use them to heat large homes and spaces. With the Energy Star rated Comfort 92 and Comfort 95 you can heat them for far less.

Other features to mention include enhanced humidity control to prevent your home from drying out and a tough, galvanized metal cabinet coated with quality paint to provide years of good looking, reliable service. Options are great and the Carrier Comfort Gas Furnaces provide them. Find the right furnace to meet your needs and choose the savings that are right for you – either on the initial unit or on your energy usage throughout its life.

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