Carrier Performance Gas Furnaces

carrier performance gas furnacesThe Performance Gas Furnaces comprise the largest and most versatile series from Carrier. There is something for every homeowner in this series that is aptly named and engineered to deliver the kind of reliable functioning you desire. The first question on many minds is about energy efficiency and the Performance furnaces give you the answers you’re looking for. The Performance 80 model offers a solid 80AFUE when heating. The Performance Boost 80 is made for use with a central air conditioning unit and will deliver a 1.5 SEER “boost” in the energy performance of your A/C unit, producing a significant cost savings during the warm weather months.

The Performance Boost 90 offers the same capacity but at a better 93efficiency. That means it’s a good choice for moderate climates that experience their share of extreme heat and extreme cold. You’ll enjoy cost savings that will pay you back in just a few seasons of use.

For the highest efficiency available select from the Performance 93 (93AFUE), the Performance 95 (95{752d6ea5a4921820a5acbc3af47e26cf8ac1b7feef56509be85b3631d3c5d3e9}) or the Performance 96 (95{752d6ea5a4921820a5acbc3af47e26cf8ac1b7feef56509be85b3631d3c5d3e9}). The entire group offers 2-stage operation for maximized efficiency and service, plus high quality heat exchangers that are backed up with generous warranties from Carrier. Other features to note include pilotless electronic firing that is instantaneous and reduces energy waste, the galvanized steel construction for longevity, and the high BTU capacities that give the ability to heat larger homes with excellent efficiency. All units come equipped for natural gas but are easily converted for use with liquid propane.

The Carrier Performance Gas Furnaces live up to their name and you will enjoy years of reliable service and customizable climate control while saving money on energy bills every season.

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