Coleman LX Gas Furnaces

Coleman LX gas furnaceWhen you shop for a Coleman LX Gas Furnaces you’ll find the perfect fit for your residence. The series offers models that emphasize solid performance and excellent affordability and those that give you best in class efficiency ratings that are designed to lower your heating bills each and every month. So, save money at the front end or for the life of the gas furnace – either way, you win.

Every LX gas furnace offers features that make it a top choice among home owners, builders and HVAC specialists. Precision heating is guaranteed with settings that allow you to raise or lower the temperature in 1increments. Turn up the heat a bit and don’t worry that you’ll be sweating shortly. Drop it down a touch and the chills won’t settle in, either. This customized climate control is made possible through high-tech innovations that include aluminized steel heat exchangers that will deliver long-lasting durability and stellar performance for years to come.

The single stage models in this series are very quiet and insure balanced heating throughout your residence. Two-stage models are even more quiet and feature a variable speed fan motor that minimizes electricity usage for further savings.

The Coleman LX Gas Furnaces include standard models like the TM8X, TM8T and TM8V with 80efficiency rating. The high efficiency models like the TM9M, TM9X, TM9T and TM9V produce AFUE ratings off the charts at 97{752d6ea5a4921820a5acbc3af47e26cf8ac1b7feef56509be85b3631d3c5d3e9}, producing energy savings of over 25compared to furnaces just 10-15 years old. In today’s energy climate those savings will likely increase with time as energy costs rise. These Energy Star furnaces may also be eligible for energy rebates from the government when you install one. Coleman knows that not everyone has the same needs for their heating system. The options they provide give you the solution you need every time the weather turns cold.

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