Ducane Gas Furnaces

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For more than half a century, Ducane heating and air conditioning products have been recognized as a top performer by not only customers, but those within the HVAC community.  All Ducane products are produced in their South Carolina facility, so you can count on a solid, US branded product!

Every Ducane gas furnace is quality tested with the most sophisticated equipment and processes that are available.  Most products are backed by a 10 year parts warranty and lifetime heat exchanger warranty, so you can be sure you are getting a quality product when you choose a Ducane gas furnace!

Ducane Furnace Prices

Ducane 95G Furnace Installed $1,980
Ducane Compact 80 Furnace Installed $2860

We’re on the prowl to gather more prices of Ducane gas furnaces!! If you have a Ducane furnace in your home, or… you were recently quoted a Ducane, please consider submitting the price by using the form on our gas furnace price comparison page.

Ducane Furnace Rebates or Manufacturer Incentives

At the time of this latest update, there are no Ducan furnace rebates or discounts listed on their website. They do still show a list of their products eligible for the furnace tax credits.