Ducane High Efficiency Gas Furnaces

ducane high efficiency gas furnaceWhenever you purchase a major product like one of the Ducane High Efficiency Gas Furnaces the price point is a significant concern. But so are high utility bills and the first one you open after installing one of these energy misers will demonstrate just what a good choice you’ve made. Depending on how old your current furnace is you’ll realize energy consumption savings of 10-30{752d6ea5a4921820a5acbc3af47e26cf8ac1b7feef56509be85b3631d3c5d3e9}, possibly more. If you choose to put one in a new construction project you’ll have the peace of mind your high efficiency furnace from Ducane will more than pay for itself over its lengthy lifetime.

The Ducane High Efficiency Gas Furnaces are crafted with some of the best components in the industry. The patented AL29-4C secondary heat exchanger supports the outstanding performance of the primary aluminized steel unit, both of which transfer more heat into your system to be enjoyed throughout your home. There are none better, and if they should ever fail Ducane backs them up with a solid warranty.

High efficiency gas furnaces from Ducane also work with liquid propane using a simple conversion kit. All of these quality units include a solid steel cabinet that is sturdy, coated with industrial paint and insulated to enhance the overall performance. When you install a Ducane High Efficiency Gas Furnace you will save energy from Day 1. The AFUE on the CG 90 and the CG92 ranges from 90-92, enough to earn them a prestigious Energy Star rating and sufficient to let you know that your heating bills will be coming down the very first month. Choose from models that offer upflow, counterflow, or upflow/horizontal air direction that gives you the ability to place one just about anywhere in your home. High performance, low maintenance and lower costs – an unbeatable combination.

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