Ducane Mid Efficiency Gas Furnaces

ducane 80 percent efficiency gas furnaceThe Ducane Company makes an impressive selection of furnaces to let you heat your home with the features that best suit your lifestyle. When you’re looking for the right combination of affordability and reduced energy consumption their Ducane Mid Efficiency Gas Furnaces aim to please. Let’s take a look at their features and you’ll see for yourself.

This quality line of gas furnaces offers a very respectable 80AFUE, or annual fuel utilization efficiency. In moderate climates that level of efficiency will allow you to reduce your energy consumption and utility bills without overpaying for a furnace you don’t need. These are also a popular choice for builders and those who are remodeling a home in hopes of reselling it.

This good efficiency is made possible through quality components including an aluminized S-shaped primary heat exchanger crafted out of one piece so that it will hold up for the lifetime of the furnace. The aluminized steel in-shot burners light quickly without raw gas escaping, and the burn is complete, quiet and very smooth. If your Ducane Mid Efficiency Gas Furnace every needs servicing the blower is designed for slide-out maintenance that makes getting to the issue quick and easy.

The line offers a variety of models including the CG80 that features upflow air movement that can quickly be converted to horizontal. It offers a single stage gas valve for fast starts and the ability to bring up the temperature in your home quickly. The Horizontal 80 is compact and gives you the option of placing it in even the tightest spots. All Ducane Mid Efficiency Gas Furnaces are equipped with a durable and effective hot surface mini igniter that you can rely on to get the heat started every time. Choose the model to fit your home. They are offered in models that deliver 40,000 to 120,000 BTU’s so whether you own a cozy ranch home or a sprawling 2-story you’ll have plenty of reliable heat this coming winter when you choose a Ducane Mid Efficiency Gas Furnace.

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