Heil Quiet Comfort DLX Series Gas Furnaces

heil dlx gas furnaceEvery Heil Quiet Comfort unit is built to meet the demands of tough winters everywhere. The Heil Quiet Comfort DLX Series Gas Furnaces offer good, better and best efficiency ratings that give you the choice of saving money when you purchase your furnace or reducing costs over its years of use by lowering your energy bills every month. Fit the furnace to your climate and specific lifestyle demands and you’ll find the right match.

Efficiency is combined with quality materials to produce dependable furnaces that homeowners can rely on as temperatures drop. These units live up to their name with a unique cabinet design that features solid doors and thermal lining that not only reduces noise in your home but keeps the heat produced from escaping. For superior performance choose the highest efficiency model in the series, the Heil Quiet Comfort DLX 95. Along with an Energy Star 95AFUE you’ll enjoy clean, efficient burning with the outdoor vent option that reduces pollution and breathing irritants in your home.

The Heil Quiet Comfort DLX Series Gas Furnaces are highly rated for reliability, exactly what you need as cold weather approaches. If you are interested in saving 10to more than 25on this year’s heating costs then these furnaces are worth your attention. They are backed by one of the heating industry’s best warranties that includes lifetime limited coverage on the heat exchangers and 10 years on all other functional parts. Warmth and peace of mind was never so easy.

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