Heil Quiet Comfort IIS Series Gas Furnaces

heil iis gas furnaceWhen you choose a Heil Quiet Comfort IIS Series Gas Furnace you’ll be installing a unit that works hard to heat your home efficiently and save you money in the process. Lower your heating bills this season and for years to come and know that you’ve got a reliable furnace you can trust to kick on when the cold weather kicks in. These units are compatible with central air models to produce total climate control throughout the year.

It’s all about quiet and comfort, as the name implies. The sound reduction is assured with the use of a solid steel cabinet that is insulated and thermal-lined. It employs a double wall door and rubber motor mounts that muffle the sound of normal motor operation so you’ll only know its operating by the warmth you feel in every room. The comfort part of the equation is supplied by the 2-stage operating system that uses low heat and low fan to maintain a comfortable climate, only switching to high when the temperature dips quickly or you turn down the heat when gone and want it warm in a hurry when you arrive home. The Quiet Comfort IIS 80 delivers 80efficiency and the patented RPJ III heat exchanger that offers a 25-year limited warranty. The triple-coated steel cabinet will resist corrosion for years to come.

Higher efficiency is found in Heil Quiet Comfort IIS Series Gas Furnaces like the Quiet Comfort IIS 90 that boasts an Energy Star 92efficiency. You’ll see a 15to 25drop in your energy costs if you are replacing an older furnace with your new Heil. With today’s energy prices continuing to rise that savings will more than pay for the furnace over its operating life. Both heat exchangers are covered by a lifetime limited warranty so you can choose a Heil with the utmost confidence.

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