Heil Quiet Comfort XS Series Gas Furnaces

heil xs gas furnaceWhen you’re in the market for a new gas furnace there are solid performance characteristics the unit simply must have. The Heil Quiet Comfort XS Series Gas Furnaces cover all the bases with innovative design and a proven track record of reliability.

These furnaces use a patented Direct Source Ignition System that replaces the pilot light so you’ll never have to try to restart one on a cold night in the dead of winter. The igniter is made from durable silicon nitride that is very durable. In short, these furnaces will answer the call and fire when you want heat. Efficiency is something you need when you want to heat your home and reduce your energy costs. The Heil Quiet Comfort XS Series Gas Furnaces offer good efficiency starting with the Quiet Comfort XS 80 model with an 80AFUE.

Throughout the line efficiency is enhanced with the use of the ECM blower motor that conserves electricity and quietly delivers warm comfort even to the farthest reaches of your duct work. The computerized operation eliminates fluctuations in cycles so the temperature in your home remains remarkably consistent day and night. These units are quiet, too. The solid cabinet is outfitted with soft-mount rubber gaskets for the motor that reduce vibration noise and dampen the noise of normal operation.

When you install a Heil Quiet Comfort XS Series Gas Furnace in your home your safety is an important part of the equation. These safety-conscious units use a patented draft safety switch that will shut off the furnace any time a blockage in the vent is detected. With all this performance it is no surprise that Heil Quiet Comfort XS Series Gas Furnaces continue to be popular with home owners and heating contractors everywhere.

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