Dave Lennox Signature Series Gas Furnaces

Lennox has been a leader in residential HVAC systems for generations. They continue to create better technology for today’s homes, and the Dave Lennox Signature Series Gas Furnaces are their highest performing systems. They deliver unparalleled heating, cooling and air quality innovations that will keep your home more comfortable in every season.

The Lennox Signature furnaces offer two options for the way you want to heat. The Signature SL280V is an 80efficient model that may be right for those who want to save money on equipment costs, have homes in milder climates, or who plan to install it in an investment property. Lennox quality is found in every feature. This includes 2-stage operation that is a proven fuel saver, SilentComfort technology for the quietest operation in the industry, and a variable speed motor that reduces energy use and enhances the furnace’s performance. The enhanced humidity control and the SureLight ignition are just 2 of the many more reasons to choose the Lennox Signature Series SL280V.

Your second option is the super-high efficiency Lennox Signature Series SLP98V gas furnace. It boasts up to 98.2AFUE, enough to earn it Energy Star rating and to qualify it for tax or utility rebates and credits. The variable capacity heating stages mean that this innovative Lennox gas furnace only uses the gas needed to meet the heating demands of the moment. This makes for balanced, consistent heating at all times. Other fuel and cost saving features include the SureLight ignition, the Ultralow constant fan, the insulated blower compartment and the variable speed motor. Your home’s comfort is guaranteed with technology that includes superior humidity control and compatibility with high-performance air filters and humidifiers.

The warranties offered on the Dave Lennox Signature Series Gas Furnaces lead the industry. Both units are backed by a limited 10-year warranty on parts and controls. The Signature Series SL280V offers a 20-year limited warranty on the heat exchanger while the Signature Series SLP98V features a lifetime limited warranty on it. For superior climate control and decreased energy consumption choose the Dave Lennox Signature Series, the top of the line from this proven manufacturer.

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