Lennox Elite Gas Furnaces

The Lennox Elite Series Gas Furnaces represent Lennox’s mid-level series of models. They deliver outstanding reliability and the types of features that produce a comfortable, consistent climate in every home. The range of models offers homeowners versatility to meet their exact needs. Efficiencies from 80to 95are offered, along with other options that maximize performance.

The Lennox Elite Series G50 and G60 Gas Furnaces deliver a solid 80AFUE which offers good energy savings over older gas furnaces. They are an excellent choice when winters are mild and you would prefer to save money upfront. They are also ideal for homeowners planning to sell their home in the next 5 years or for owners of rental/investment properties. Excellent operation is delivered by 2-stage heating that conserves energy by running on low when the demand for increased heat is low, the SureLight ignition which eliminates the need for an energy-wasting pilot light, and the insulated blower compartment that cuts down on noise and heating loss. The Lennox G50 and G60 are also compatible with Lennox Heat Pumps to optimize the home’s climate.

For those wanting greater fuel efficiency, the Lennox Elite Series G51 at 92.1AFUE and the G61 at 95AFUE are ideal. These Energy Star rated furnaces reduce utility bills significantly and they may be eligible for utility and tax rebates too. They boast dual-fuel capability which makes them compatible with electric heat pumps to optimize comfort and fuel economy. Additional technologies reduce noise while maximizing comfort.

The Lennox G61V gas furnace is the top model in the Lennox Elite Series. At 95AFUE, it earns an Energy Star label and will save on energy costs from the very first heating season. Add dual-fuel capability and the homeowner can customize the way they heat, maximizing comfort throughout the home. More Lennox performance features that are standard include the SureLight igniter, 2-stage and variable speed operation along with a secondary heat exchanger for comfort and efficiency, and enhanced humidity control. When affordable equipment costs and outstanding fuel efficiency are both important, the Lennox Elite Series Gas Furnaces offer solutions for any home.

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