Rheem 93Value Series Gas Furnaces

The Rheem Single-Stage PSC Motor 93Value Gas Furnace Series showcases the RGRS Upflow, RGRT Upflow, and RGTS Downflow/Horizontal units. They are well designed for installation in closed areas like utility rooms, sheds, attics, closets, or small alcoves. This series combines utility and economy with many high-end features that will appeal to the homeowner or the designer with an eye to the long-term.

The 93Value Series stands in the center of the Rheem Gas Furnace family, with energy efficiency and the quiet single-stage PSC motor making it especially appealing to the homeowner. The insulated blower compartment, slow-open gas valve, and advanced inducer make it extremely reliable. This series is designed with safe ventilation in mind, which means options between indoor or outdoor combustion air. The customer may choose to have the air piped to the top or the side of the cabinet, and a special fitting is provided for easy installation. A condensate drain trap also comes with every model in this series. The Value Series gas furnaces utilize a direct spark ignition system, known for its reliable design, safeguarded by a remote sensor that monitors the flame and automatically locks the system if the main burner fails to light.

The RGRS Upflow, RGRT Upflow, and RGTS Downflow/Horizontal are reliable and durable models, backed with a twenty year warranty, that will provide decades of heat to the home or office. The careful attention to ventilation issues means that they can be installed safely in almost any environment, and the quiet and efficient design means that it will not be discomforting in even the most cramped space. The design is certified by CSA International as well. Any homeowner or contractor should consider the Rheem 93Value Series for any of their heating needs.