Rheem 96Prestige Series Gas Furnace Review

The Rheem RGGE, RGFG, and RGJF 96Prestige Series™ Communicating Modulating Gas Furnaces, equipped with the Comfort Control² System and Contour Comfort Control line, are the absolute top of the line in home heating design. Manufactured to be easily installed in even the most cramped conditions, this line of gas furnaces provide quality comfort and absolute reliability for any condition. Their quiet operation and attention to air quality make it possible to install them anywhere, even a closet, alcove, attic, or utility shed. They are fully certified by CSA International and feature everything that a gas furnace could possibly need.

There is no limit to the conveniences and innovations of this series. The Comfort Control2 System™ gives complete computer control of the system with more than 28 on-board diagnostics and fault history codes to detect any problem imaginable. There is a handy “Call for Service” alert and a recorded diagnostic history for accurate repair. When installed with proper thermostats these units can offer 4 wire installation, 2 wire installation, auto-configuration, diagnostic messaging, and full computer interactivity. The ECM 3.0 communicating motor is astoundingly efficient and quiet. It reaches a peak of energy efficiency with a modulating thermostat that runs the furnace at 40on the first stage, 65at the second stage, and then up to 100when constant strong heat is required. An assortment of plenums and cooling coils, designed for use with the Rheem Prestige Series™ and Super Quiet 80™, are also available.

The Prestige Series of gas furnaces has the best any homeowner could ask for in a heating system. They are advanced, efficient, comfortable, reliable, and backed by an excellent warranty. There is no better system for home gas heating than the Rheem Prestige. They could not be more highly recommended for any contractor or consumer.