Ruud Gas Furnaces, Furnace Reviews and Information

ruud gas furnace logoIn business for more than 100 years, RUUD is steaped in a tradition of value and innovation, so the choice of a RUUD gas furnace is sure to be a good one!  RUUD has quickly become one of the largest HVAC manufacturers in North America and is known to employ the most highly trained workers in the industry.

Using state of the art equipment, RUUD has evolved over the years by expanding product lines, improving design techniques and better manufacturing technologies.  With an expansive line of high quality products and backed by dependable warranties and customer service, you should definitely consider a RUUD gas furnace for your heating needs!

Ruud Gas Furnace Prices

Readers like yourself have shared the price they paid or were quoted for their RUUD furnaces on our furnace price list page.

RUUD 80k Achiever gas furnace Installed $3100
RUUD 2-Stage Achiever Furnace and AC Full System $5900

RUUD Furnace Rebates and Manufacturer Discount Offers

RUUD often has quite a few manufacturer level rebates or incentives to help consumers get the best price on a Ruud gas furnace. In addition, many Ruud gas furnaces qualify for Federal Tax Credits.

Currently, depending on the system you purchase, you can qualify for:

  • Up to a $1,000 CashBack Rebate. In addition, you can add an IAQ element (or elements) and increase the size of your rebate by $100, $150, or $200

Click here to get free estimates, or visit the Ruud site to request contact from a Ruud dealer. To claim a rebate on a unit you already had installed, visit the Ruud rebate center to process.

RUUD Value Series Gas Furnaces

Saving money on a Ruud doesn’t mean you have to choose an inferior product. The RUUD Value Series Gas Furnaces are built to deliver sound, reliable service whenever you flip the switch.

RUUD High Achiever Gas Furnaces

When low entry price and not ultimate efficiency is your goal the RUUD High Achiever Gas Furnaces will serve your purposes with comfortable, reliable heating year in and year out.

RUUD Ultra Achiever Gas Furnaces

Ultra Achiever furnaces from Ruud feature AFUE efficiency ratings that qualify them for the Energy Star symbol. Many are also eligible for a $1500 federal tax rebate when you install one in your primary residence.

RUUD Achiever Plus Gas Furnaces

Ruud makes a versatile line of quality gas furnaces that give you a choice of features to meet the heating demands of your lifestyle. The RUUD Achiever Plus Gas Furnaces take those options to the next level for maximum climate control throughout your home.

RUUD Achiever Gas Furnaces

When high efficiency is a necessity select the RGTM RUUD Achiever Gas Furnace that delivers Energy Star level efficiency of 95{752d6ea5a4921820a5acbc3af47e26cf8ac1b7feef56509be85b3631d3c5d3e9}. Key to its money-saving operation is a 2-stage system that maintains your home’s heat level by running at 70capacity and only switches into high gear when needed to warm a house you’ve allowed to cool while you are gone.