RUUD Ultra Achiever Gas Furnaces

When you choose a furnace called Ultra Achiever you expect that it will perform at the highest level of industry standards, especially when introduced by a company with the reputation for excellence that Ruud enjoys. The RUUD Ultra Achiever Gas Furnaces will meet or exceed your expectations with innovative service you can rely on to be there when you need it and provide a comfortable climate within your home.

These Ultra performers come equipped with heat exchangers made from 100stainless steel so they’ll resist corrosion for many years and won’t experience a drop in performance any time soon. Add a modulating thermostat and these advanced furnaces will operate at the right capacity to maintain the exact climate you want. They will run between 40and 100depending on the current temperature of the home and the setting you desire. This feature saves on fuel costs and on electricity. The Ruud UGJD Ultra model also offers basic 2-stage operation that alternates between 40and full capacity. The UGFD employs these features as well as consistent temperature rise for maximum comfort and an efficient, smooth motor that reduces operating noises. Other winners in the RUUD Ultra Achiever Gas Furnaces lineup include models RGPR and RGLR that offer upflow or downflow air direction that allows for versatility in where the units are placed.

Most Ultra Achiever furnaces from Ruud feature AFUE efficiency ratings that qualify them for the Energy Star symbol. Many are also eligible for a $1500 federal tax rebate when you install one in your primary residence. Coupled with great fuel cost savings these units will pay for themselves long before they need replacing. They are also backed with a limited lifetime guarantee on the heat exchangers and a solid 10-year limited warranty on all other moving parts. That kind of performance and dependability make them a great choice as your next furnace.

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