Trane Gas Furnaces, Information and Trane Furnace Prices

trane gas furnace logoYou depend on your gas furnace to function effectively an efficiently all winter long, so the choice of a Trane gas furnace would definitely be a good one!  In business well over 100 years, Trane is known for high quality products, excellent customer service and your purchase is backed by one of the best warranties in the HVAC industry.

Providing a full range of energy efficient options, some Trane products operate at over 95efficiency or higher.  That means huge energy cost savings to the consumer, and more money you can keep in your wallet! For quality service and operation, consider a Trane gas furnace when researching your next gas furnace purchase.

Trane Gas Furnace Prices

On our furnace prices page, we collect user submitted prices that our visitors have been quoted from both estimates and installed systems. The list of Trane furnace prices below is updated monthly.

XV95 Furnace Only Installed $3800
Trane XV95 with Air Conditioner Full System $11,575
Trane XV95 100kbtu Furnace & AC Full System $7014
Trane XV95 Furnace & Ductwork Installed $4700
Trane XV95 Furnace Only Installed $4,725
Trane Furnace Model XV95 Installed $4800
Trane XV95 60k btu Furnace Installed $3,950
Trane XB90 System Full System $5300
XB90 with Air Conditioner Full System $5875
XL90 2-Stage Gas Furnace Installed $2680
Trane XL90 Gas Furnace Furnace and AC System $6930
Trane XV90 Gas Furnace Installed $3100
Trane XB80 Furnace Installed $2990
Trane XL80 Furnace Price Installed $3100
XB80 Installed $4100
Trane XV95 Furnace Installed $4,800


If you were recently quoted a Trane gas furnace price, please consider sharing the details with other visitors by submitting the price to us.

Trane Furnace Rebates and Manufacturer Offers

Trane often has quite a few manufacturer level rebates or incentives to help consumers get the best price on a Trane gas furnace. Currently, you can take advantage of:

  • No interest financing for 36 Months

Click here to get free estimates, or visit the Trane site to request contact from a Trane dealer. To claim a rebate on a unit you already had installed, visit the Trane rebate center to process.