Trane XC Communicating Gas Furnaces

Every manufacturer proudly offers a range of products but one stands out as the top of the line. For Trane that distinction belongs to the Trane XC Communicating Gas Furnaces that feature industry-leading performance and fuel efficiency. This technologically advanced line is equipped with Trane’s patented ComfortLink II Communicating Capability that coordinates all of your HVAC components to optimize functionality and performance. The system monitors each component and automatically calibrates and configures them for efficiency and compatibility. For further innovation add the TAM telephone access module and adjust your heating and cooling system remotely via your mobile device. The user interface is easy to use and gives you a quick glance of all your system’s performance data.

Reliable and consistent operation remains the backbone of the Trane XC95 Communicating Gas Furnaces. The variable speed motor circulates heat and cool air evenly for greater comfort without temperature fluctuations. Fully modulating heat means the furnace will only use enough heating capacity to get the job done which makes the optimal heat level easier to maintain while it cuts down on energy waste. These models are designed to work equally well with natural gas or when converted to propane. The internal materials are tough and tested so you can have the confidence your furnace will deliver at or above the level of performance promised. Trane also provides a solid warranty that covers every part of your Trane XC Communicating Gas Furnace.

This line is offered in the Trane XC95 Upflow models and the Trane XC95 Downflow models that give you options when it comes to installation. Both can also be converted to horizontal output when placed on the main floor of a ranch home, for example. It is this kind of versatility and innovation that has made Trane a trusted choice for homeowners and contractors for many years.

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