Trane XR Single Stage Gas Furnaces

trane gas furnaceWhen fuel economy is at the top of the priority list for your next furnace the Trane XR Single Stage Gas Furnaces should also be at the top of your list. These 95efficient models make your heating dollar go farther and are a great choice where extreme winter cold requires a workhorse furnace you can rely on to produce a warm, comfortable climate within regardless of the weather outside. Not only do these furnaces enjoy an Energy Star rating they are eligible for federal energy tax credits, reducing your costs while lowering your utility bills.

Efficiency extends to every part of the design. An aluminized steel primary heat exchanger and a 3-row secondary exchanger make the most of the heat that is produced. The solid steel cabinet is not only durable but is thermal-lined and insulated to prevent heated air from escaping into areas it isn’t needed. The multi-speed blower fan works with the single-stage operation to optimize heat circulation with the minimum use of electricity. Sealed combustion reduces waste and noise and can be set to operate with 100outside air. The silicon nitride hot surface glow plug can be relied upon to for quick, effective firing with outstanding longevity.

The Trane XR95 Single Stage Gas Furnaces feature compact design for easy installation in a variety of settings. Basements, appliance closets on the first floor, or attics are among the options. When situated below areas to be heated the XR Upflow models will reliably deliver warm air throughout your living space. If you set one on the first floor or above the XR Downflow models will be a better choice. Either way you’ll enjoy consistent performance you can rely upon each and every heating season.

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