Trane XV Two Stage Gas Furnaces

If your search for the right furnace begins with great fuel efficiency and ends with performance features that maximize comfort then you’ll love the Trane XV Two Stage Gas Furnaces. They showcase the innovative, quality design that makes Trane an industry leader in these important areas.

In terms of efficiency the Trane XV95 furnaces boast a stellar 96.7rating that easily surpasses most of its competitors. That’s Energy Star territory and may also qualify you for federal energy gas furnace tax credits when you purchase one this year. The 2-stage operation is central to its high efficiency. The unit runs on low capacity when the optimal heat has been reached and simply needs to be maintained. This uses less gas and electricity. However, when you need the extra heat these capable furnaces take it up a notch and use their full capacity to warm a cold house or keep up with a sudden drop in outside temperature. The variable speed blower offers quiet performance and consistent heating in all your living areas.

Trane VX95 Prices

The XV95 furnace prices below were submitted by users of our gas furnace prices page submission form.

Trane XV95 and AC System Full System $11,575
Trane XV95 Furnace Installed $3800
Trane XV95 Gas Furnace & AC Installed $6,900
Trane XV95 100kBTU Furnace & AC Full System $7014
Trane XV95 Gas Furnace Installed $5800

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Performance is enhanced with solid components like the aluminized and stainless steel heat exchangers that are covered by a lifetime limited warranty. Choose the Comfort-R mode for better dehumidification on cold, damp days or add accessories like a humidifier to keep the air comfortable during the coldest stretches of winter.

The Trane XV Two Stage Gas Furnaces can be placed anywhere within your home. Trane XV 95 Upflow models and Trane XV 95 Downflow models can both be switched to horizontal mode so there’s almost nowhere they can’t be located. This simplifies installation in existing homes and allows you design flexibility in new building projects. Choose the size you need to fit your structure, from those with capacities as low as 57,000 BTU’s to large units capable of producing 114,000 BTU’s. The right size, the right fuel economy and the right performance features make the Trane XV Two Stage Gas Furnaces the right choice every time.

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