Gas Furnace Prices and Installation Cost Comparisons

The price comparison page at the Gas Furnace Guide is here to provide visibility to both wholesale and installed prices of various brands of gas furnaces and in some cases, a complete hvac system with furnace and ac or heat pump. This page is updated throughout the year with the latest gas furnace prices for 2013-2015.

We have several ways to compare the costs listed on this page, starting with a furnace efficiency rating comparison, as it relates to the cost. Second, we compare gas furnace prices by providing a list of leading brands, in basic alphabetical order.

If you were recently quoted a natural gas furnace price or had a new gas furnace installed in your home, please consider letting us include your info online, in the furnace cost comparison list below!

Furnace Prices Sorted by Efficiency (AFUE)

Based on the information we have received and compiled from visitor submissions, the following are average furnace prices for the home. We have excluded systems with ac or heat pumps in this section, to eliminate the wide variables. These are only estimates based on user submitted information, and information we have accumulated from manufacturers and other HVAC professionals.

To get exact brand or specific unit prices, go to the furnace brands page, locate the specific brand you wish to view, and review the pricing on that page. We get many questions about what is included in the installation of a furnace. Visit our Replacement Installation Cost Guide to learn more.

Furnace Type
Furnace Only
Furnace Installed
80AFUE, Fixed Capacity $650-$700 $1,982
80AFUE, Variable Speed Furnace $1,210 $2,390
90-93AFUE Fixed Capacity $1,408 $2,710
90-93AFUE 2-Stage Furnace $1,730 $3,260
95AFUE High Efficiency Furnace $1,740 $2,960
95AFUE 2-Stage, Variable Speed Furnaces $1,860 $3,710
98AFUE Ultra High Efficiency Furnaces $2,520 $5,190

** Prices shown are rounded to make listing easier.

Prices Sorted by Leading Brands

The gas furnace price list below shows the average price of a new furnace installed, broken down by the different brands as they were submitted by visitors like yourself. To view all the furnace prices for a single brand, click on the manufacturer name in the table below, or view all of the best furnace brands we maintain in our database.

Furnace Brand Name or Manufacturer Furnace Only
Full System
Amana $2,895 $3,780
American Standard Furnaces $3,780 $6,615
Bryant $2,730 $5,860
Carrier Prices $3,650 $7,690
Coleman Gas Furnaces $2,990 $4,900
Ducane Gas Furnaces $2,770 $4,190
Goodman Furnaces $2,360 $3,425
Heil Prices $2,910 $4,360
Lennox Gas Furnaces $3,090 $6,110
Rheem Furnace Prices $2,640 $5,235
Ruud Furnaces $2,920 $5,900
Trane Gas Furnaces $3,480 $6,695
York Furnaces $2,880 $5,688

As previously mentioned, this page of our Gas Furnace Guide website is a living document and the page changes often throughout each month. If you would like to tell us what you paid for your furnace or complete HVAC system, please go to the user submit form, and send it in. Your personal information is kept anonymous, and we use the price data in aggregate form only.