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This page of the website contains reviews of gas furnaces from professional HVAC Contractors as well as Consumers who own the furnaces.

Good, bad or otherwise, if you have a gas furnace in your home, you probably have an opinion of it! In this section of the Gas Furnace Guide website, we take a look at independent user submitted gas furnace reviews, sent in by readers just like yourself! In addition to the consumer gas furnace reviews, we have a mix of heating and air conditioning professionals who share their opinions of the gas furnaces to help you learn more.

The way our gas furnace reviews process works is very simple. We provide the basic information about a specific brand and model of gas furnace, and you the reader, tell us your overall opinion of the furnace in the categories below.

Gas Furnace Reviews

Heil VC97 QuietComfort Furnace Review


Heil brings with it a 100 year tradition of excellent quality, engineering and service support so you... more

Lennox SLP98 Gas Furnace Review


How would you like to have a new gas furnace that has variable-capacity and performs like the cruise... more

York Affinity YP9C Gas Furnace Reviews


York Affinity  systems are engineered to not only be very attractive and also provide excellent and... more

bryant evolution gas furnace

Bryant Evolution Plus 98 Gas Furnace Reviews


Bryant Evolution systems have always been one of the most efficient on the market and smart consumers... more

Carrier Infinity 98 Gas Furnace Reviews


The Carrier Infinity series of gas furnaces has always been a favorite and leader in the market. 2011... more

Lennox Merit Series Gas Furnace Reviews

Dave Lennox is known to build quality products that are energy efficient and bound to save you money... more

Lennox Elite Series Gas Furnace Reviews

With quality, comes performance, and that is what you will get with the Lennox Elite Series Gas Furnace.... more

Dave Lennox Signature Series Gas Furnace Review


Lennox is know as the best you can get when it comes to Gas Furnaces and the Dave Lennox Signature Series... more

american standard freedom 95 gas furnace

American Standard Freedom 95 Gas Furnace

American Standard has a hard-earned reputation for delivering quality products and the American Standard... more

heil vs high efficiency gas furnace

Heil Quiet Comfort VS Series Gas Furnace Reviews

Each Heil Quiet Comfort VS Series Gas Furnace emphasizes quiet operation which is assured with sturdy... more

bryant evolution gas furnace

Bryant Evolution Gas Furnace Review


Energy conscious consumers gravitate to the Bryant Evolution Gas Furnaces because they are among the... more

american standard freedom 90 gas furnace

American Standard Freedom 90 Gas Furnace

When fuel efficiency is a vital part of your budgeting plan the American Standard Freedom 90 Gas Furnaces... more

freedom 80 american standard gas furnace

American Standard Freedom 80 Gas Furnace


American Standard knows as well as you do that today’s homeowners want a high efficiency furnace that... more

bryant preferred gas furnaces

Bryant Preferred Gas Furnace Review

Bryant Preferred Series 90x, the Series 95 and the Series 95i gas furnaces have been given the Energy... more

bryant legacy gas furnace

Bryant Legacy Gas Furnace Review


If you want a solid, durable furnace from an industry leader, the Bryant Legacy Gas Furnaces will serve... more

carrier infinity gas furnaces

Carrier Infinity Gas Furnace Reviews

The Infinity 96 gas furnace is designed to deliver up to 96AFUE and will lower your fuel costs significantly... more

carrier performance gas furnaces

Carrier Performance Gas Furnace Review


The Performance Boost 90 offers the same capacity but at a better 93efficiency. That means it’s a good... more

carrier comfort series gas furnace

Carrier Comfort Gas Furnace Reviews


When you install a Carrier Comfort Gas Furnace you’ll appreciate how balanced the heat distribution... more

carrier base model gas furnace

Carrier Base Gas Furnace Review

The Carrier Base Gas Furnaces offer you the ability to heat large spaces with ease. The BTU capacity... more

coleman echelon gas furnace

Coleman Echelon Gas Furnace Reviews

For affordability the CPLC is tough to beat. It offers a good 80fuel efficiency that won’t waste your... more

Coleman LX gas furnace

Coleman LX Gas Furnace Review

When you shop for a Coleman LX Gas Furnaces you’ll find the perfect fit for your residence. The series... more

coleman comforteer gas furnace

Coleman Comforteer Gas Furnace Review


Balanced and consistent heating is assured by the internal computer controls that regulate firing and... more

ducane high efficiency gas furnace

Ducane High Efficiency Gas Furnace Review

Ducane High Efficiency Gas Furnaces are crafted with some of the best components in the industry. The... more

ducane 80 percent efficiency gas furnace

Ducane Mid Efficiency Gas Furnace Review


This quality line of gas furnaces offers a very respectable 80AFUE, or annual fuel utilization efficiency.... more

goodman gmv90 gas furnace

Goodman High Efficiency Gas Furnace Review

Goodman High Efficiency Gas Furnaces enjoy outstanding ratings for performance and durability. They are... more

goodman gmv80 gas furnace

Goodman Standard Efficiency Gas Furnace Review


When you want to save money up front and lower your heating bills all winter long the Goodman Standard... more

heil dlx gas furnace

Heil Quiet Comfort DLX Series Gas Furnace Review

The Heil Quiet Comfort DLX Series Gas Furnaces are highly rated for reliability, exactly what you need... more

heil ps gas furnace

Heil Quiet Comfort PS Series Gas Furnace Reviews

The PS92 Series Gas Furnace uses a patented, innovative RPJ III heat exchanger in combination with a... more

heil iis gas furnace

Heil Quiet Comfort IIS Series Gas Furnace Review


Higher efficiency is found in Heil Quiet Comfort IIS Series Gas Furnaces like the Quiet Comfort IIS 90... more

RUUD Value Series Gas Furnace Review

Saving money on a Ruud doesn’t mean you have to choose an inferior product. The RUUD Value Series Gas... more

RUUD High Achiever Gas Furnace Reviews

When low entry price and not ultimate efficiency is your goal the RUUD High Achiever Gas Furnaces will... more

RUUD Ultra Achiever Gas Furnace Review


Ultra Achiever furnaces from Ruud feature AFUE efficiency ratings that qualify them for the Energy Star... more

RUUD Achiever Plus Gas Furnace Review

Ruud makes a versatile line of quality gas furnaces that give you a choice of features to meet the heating... more

Trane XC Communicating Gas Furnace Review


Every manufacturer proudly offers a range of products but one stands out as the top of the line. For... more

Trane XV Two Stage Gas Furnace Reviews


If your search for the right high efficiency gas furnace begins with great fuel efficiency and ends with... more

trane gas furnace

Trane XR Single Stage Gas Furnace Review

When fuel economy is at the top of the priority list for your next furnace the Trane XR Single Stage... more

trane gas furnace

Trane XB Single Stage Gas Furnace Review

Every manufacturer proudly offers a range of products but one stands out as the top of the line. For... more

Trane XL Two Stage Gas Furnace Reviews

The beauty of the Trane XL Two Stage Gas Furnaces is that they offer comfortable heating no matter what... more

amana standard efficiency gas furnace

Amana Standard Efficiency Gas Furnace Review


Amana Gas Furnaces like the standard efficiency model AMV8 and the ADV8 offer 80 AFUE Efficiency that... more


How We Like to See Gas Furnace Reviews Completed

  • Gas Furnace Reliability While we understand and accept that mechanical items can break, spotting a recurring trend among a brand is often a good indicator of what new buyers can also expect from their new gas furnace. As you provide your own gas furnace reviews, tell us how satisfied you are with your gas furnace, as it relates to its service reliability?
  • Operating Cost Efficiency When you purchased your new gas furnace, it was rated for a specific efficiency, or AFUE. Based on gas furnace rating information you were told by the manufacturer or installation contractor, when you write your gas furnace reviews, tell us how satisfied you are with the operating cost efficiencyof your gas furnace?
  • Features Included in Price of Furnace There are many features available in gas furnace systems today. From multi-stage burners, to variable speed fan blowers and communicating thermostat features. How satisfied are you with the features of your gas furnace, in relation to the price you paid?
  • Rate the Manufacturer Warranty One of the most important factors when others are reading the gas furnace reviews, is to know whether you have had a breakdown and/or repair on your gas furnace, and how the furnace manufacturer responded. tell us how satisfied you were with the gas furnace manufacturer in relation to service and parts warranty coverage of the unit, after the sale.
  • Overall Satisfaction with Gas Furnace While all other areas have been more specific, please tell us your overall satisfaction with your gas furnace. listed below are some related articles that may help you find exactly what you were looking for as well.

If you would like to provide us with one of your own gas furnace reviews, please go directly to the exact furnace page below, and leave a review. If you don't see your furnace listed, feel free to suggest we add it to the site by using our contact page.

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