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Furnace Ratings need to be broken into several different ratings categories in order to get the most from the information on this page. In this section section of the Gas Furnace Guide, we take a look at some of the different gas furnace ratings and factors that consumers look for when they are evaluating their buying choices of a new gas furnace.

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Gas Furnace Efficiency Ratings

The efficiency of a gas furnace is the amount of natural gas (Fuel) that is actually converted to heat (Utilization) over the course of time. The measurement most of us use is called the AFUE, or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, and the higher the AFUE Gas Furnace Ratings, the better!

AFUE Tip: An easy way most people can relate to AFUE ratings, is to compare it to the return on an energy dollar! For example:

  • An 80AFUE rated furnace provides you with approximately .80 cents worth of heat, for every dollar you spend on natural gas.
  • A 95AFUE rated furnace provides approximately .95 cents worth of heat for every dollar spent on natural gas.

Clearly, when it comes to the AFUE Rating of a gas furnace, the highest you can afford to buy is better in the longrun, for both your own pocketbook and the environment! View the 2010 Gas Furnace Tax Credit guide to learn about specific gas furnaces that qualify for the tax credits.

Gas Furnace Reliability Ratings

After spending several years in the home heating product business, there is only one perfectly clear reliability factor when it comes to gas furnace ratings across many different furnace brands… the furnace reliability is directly related to the maintenance your furnace receives!

Installation and Maintenance Makes ALL the difference!

  • A Properly Installed and Inspected Gas Furnace will last Longer than the Opposite, Regardless of Furnace Brand!
  • A Well Maintained Furnace, Regardless of the Brand, will Outlast a Poorly Maintained Furnace!

We have fixed just as many 5 year old Trane and Carrier furnaces that were installed poorly or never maintained, as we have for lower cost brands like Goodman and Ruud. Likewise, we have seen many well maintained and lower cost gas furnace brands, last just as long as their equally maintained higher cost counterparts! When you compare gas furnace ratings as they relate to reliability, you must take into account the maintenance factor!

Consumer Reports Gas Furnace Ratings

One of the few downsides to the popular Consumer Reports magazine, is that they do not have full or recent consumer reviews from all of the different products available. Gas Furnaces are one of those that fell through the partial gap, although you can see a short sampling of repair information on their website, its just not as thorough as you would expect and some of the most popular brands on the market like Goodman furnaces, are not even included.

Furnace Consumer Reviews

Consumer reviews of gas furnaces can be found in several places. In fact, we have a gas furnace reviews section on our site as well. The furnace reviews are user generated from actual owners, the opinions are about as real as you can get, and another one of the most important gas furnace ratings!