Replacing Only the Gas Furnace, Tips and Suggestions to Get it Right!

I was deep in a conversation with an HVAC technician last week about some of the common things he hears customers asking over and over. One of the questions he gets when quoting furnace prices, is about the cost to replace the furnace only! As in, leave the rest of the central HVAC system in […]

Calculate the Cost of a New Gas Furnace

The most common question every heating and air conditioning technician hears from Sept to March, How Much Does a New Furnace Cost?! If there was a cut and dry, same for everyone, and standardized answer to this question, I assure you it would listed in the next paragraph. The truth however is that in order […]

Can You Repair a Cracked Heat Exchanger on a Gas Furnace? It is Worth the Cost?

One of the most common reasons a gas furnace can be taken out of service, is when the repair technician finds to a cracked heat exchanger. The furnace heat exchanger is the one of the main components inside the gas furnace and it’s used to transfer the heat from the gas burner to the warm […]